Wii Mini Coming to the US This Month For $99; Bundled With...

Wii Mini Coming to the US This Month For $99; Bundled With Mario Kart Wii

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Nintendo sure is the master of puzzling corporate decisions. Surely, the company realizes that people are still confused about the whole Wii/Wii U naming structure; but here they are again, releasing what is literally the red-headed stepchild of the Wii family, the Wii Mini. Later this month, confused parents will head out to toy stores and make some of the biggest mistakes of their collective adult lives by purchasing the Wii Mini instead of the Wii U. Christmas will come early for little Johnny as he discovers the red-and-black box of joy that features the following endearing back-of-the-box bulletpoints:

  • No online support, despite being packed-in with a game that heavily relies on it,
  • No SD Card slot, ergo no WiiWare
  • No component output (enjoy your glorious 480i games… in 2013)
  • No GameCube support

Just… why.

  • mrslash