Weekend Hangover: What We’ve Been Playing, July 21st Edition

Weekend Hangover: What We’ve Been Playing, July 21st Edition

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rubs Rubs, Editor-in-Chief — Something something Shin Megami Tensei IV. This is what we’re all playing, I’m pretty sure. I actually wasn’t feeling the game much before the weekend started because waaah waaah it was too hard. I should get rid of my Wii U—it must be generating some sort of inert radiation that pussifies everybody within a 50m radius. That, or I’m getting old and have less time to deal with games that require grinding. I’ve hit a pretty good groove since then, however. Still GOTY.

Steam sale wasn’t that great; the only thing that I bought was Just Cause, because it was 79c and I couldn’t find my Xbox copy. Oh wait, I also copped System Shock 2 because I’ve been looking for an excuse to replay the game for quite a while now. Everything else was either poo or games that I already owned on other platforms. Meh.

As far as quazi gaming-related stuff goes, I spent a bit of my weekend driving around and looking for camera equipment at yard sales, which is just about as exciting as it sounds (read: not). Thankfully the newly-relaunched Retronauts podcasts were a fantastic companion throughout!

cheenaCheena, Managing Editor—I was sick the whole week, which sucked, so I did not get to play a lot. I squeezed whatever free time I had not sleeping (or coughing) with Shin Megami Tensei IV. Aside from that, I’ve been abusing Streetpass friends for the Streetpass Bundle Games like Warrior’s Way and Mii Force. I’m currently stuck in a stage and I think I need at least five guys for more firepower. Also got to finish Find Mii last week so hooray?

Also tried some new mobile games from the LINE chat messenger app like LINE Jelly and I Like Coffee. None were enjoyable, so I say avoid.

shinShin, News Editor— It was pretty much an all-Nintendo week for me, benching my PS Vita and PS3 to the sidelines.

I picked up the streetpass game Mii Force and I find it is quite enjoyable. It brings me back to my childhood shooter games like Twin Bee and B-Wings (the ‘hammer’ weapon looked like a penis). I just think it’s stupid that it has leaderboards that only updates when you tag people on streetpass (lol). Why can’t it have the usual active online leaderboards? Because aliens? Nintendo, I swear…

#RabidFans #LongLines #Sarcasm

Another streetpass game, Warrior’s Way I purchased yesterday after I met with the other editors and played over dinner. It’s like a super simplified Nobunaga’s Ambition slash Romance of the Three Kingdoms with Miis. I haven’t had the chance to get into it, though.

And of course, Shin Megami Tensei 4. We are all playing it and you should, too. If you haven’t read our review of it, you don’t have to. — there’s no excuse not to pick it up if you have a 3DS.

And to top it off, in an attempt to do an LTTP (Late To The Party) review, I fired up the old Wii console and launched Hironobu Sakaguchi’s swan song, The Last Story. But yeah, it was just an attempt. Maybe next week, then (lol).


Why do Fatlus Friends not get any bonuses?

alexAlex, Review Editor and of Things—*mumble mumble* Mostly spent time on Shin Megami Tensei 4 *mumble mumble* and then daily grinding for the Street Pass Games Bundle. I’m really enjoying Mii Force and Warrior’s Way among the four paid Street Pass Plaza games, the rest I don’t really care about. I will also head out later on to avenge my army’s loss against cheenacat’s army in futility today. *mumble mumble* Damn you Nintendo forcing me to socialize with people. *mumble mumble*

Okay, I really can’t get over the fact that people get bonus APP points in SMT 4 because of my hard work in Etrian Odyssey 4 while I get nothing to show for it. I want bonus APP points too. D: Also, the other band wagoners here at 30liv.es can enjoy whatever bonus APP points they will receive from a Soul Hackers Street Pass because I picked that game up over the weekend for the lulz.