Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Revealed… Oh, It’s Yet Another Crowdfunded Project.

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Revealed… Oh, It’s Yet Another Crowdfunded Project.

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Ubuntu founders Canonical have always had this weird aspiration of making your mobile phone function as your primary computer. Though Motorola’s done something fairly similar with their Atrix line of phones, Ubuntu for Android took that idea one step further by actually running pretty much a full-blown version of desktop Ubuntu off your HDMI-enabled phone, sharing documents, files and such in the same filesystem. It’s an interesting idea, albeit something that absolutely nobody wanted or asked for.

Still marching forward with this idea, Canonical have brought it to themselves to actually release—through (surprise) a crowdfunding channel—their end-game vision of what an Ubuntu-equipped smartphone should be. Backed by a fairly ambitious and impressive set of specs, the Ubuntu Edge may very well be the smartphone that you’ll want to use as a desktop replacement. Planned specifications include a quad-core CPU, 128GB SSD storage, 4GB of RAM and a “one-hand friendly” (hold the jokes, peanut gallery) 4.5-inch 720p display. Connectivity and media options include MHL HDMI support, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and an 8MP rear/2MP front set of cameras.

Though 30lives is probably the last place (or the first place, depending on how much of a cagey, jaded douche you are) you should be looking for tech-related advice—tempting as these target specs may be—you won’t see me dropping my iPhone for this anytime soon. It’s all about the ecosystem, and the jokes simply write themselves when you hear Android and Linux mentioned in the same breath. Unless things change drastically by the time this device releases next May, you’re looking at a first-rate device filled to the brim with only the sloppy seconds of the software world.

Still, if this is somehow an interesting idea to you, you can elect to drop $600 (only for the next few hours) or $830 for the privilege of pre-ordering your very own Ubuntu Edge smartphone. Don’t hold your breath either way: the project won’t get funded until it reaches its lofty $32,000,000 goal. Yeah…

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