Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot: ZombiU Wasn’t Profitable (Not Even Close!)

Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot: ZombiU Wasn’t Profitable (Not Even Close!)

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Man, things aren’t looking good for the Wii U. If anybody’s still doubting that Nintendo’s fledgling console isn’t in trouble, it’s time for some more cold, hard facts to slap you in the face: Ubisoft—one of Nintendo’s major third-party buddies—is starting to look away from the Wii U as a viable console to publish original content, much like they’ve seemingly done with the PlayStation Vita (after developing a full console Assassin’s Creed title on the handheld that subsequently flopped). GI.biz ran a pretty good article detailing Nintendo’s holiday prospects today, but what stood out to me was this quote:

Yves Guillemot, Chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, is typically one of the biggest proponents of new systems, but betting big on the Wii U didn’t work out well for the company. ZombiU, one of the most popular launch titles for the system with players, was not profitable, he says. Not even close. As such, he says, there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel.

It was, in fact, because of that game’s performance that Ubisoft decided to make Rayman Legends a multiplatform game.

I’ll have to say, it’s hard to blame Ubisoft here, but it’s even harder to blame the system on the game’s inherent flaws—they released a rather boring game in a milieu that’s already filled to the brim with games and game-related media and slapped on a nigh-unmarketable title (a take-off from one of their first games apparently, but who cares: it’s still a bad title). To make things worse, they decided to release the game with much disingenuous, pandering fanfare to an audience that’s already gunshy about supporting them in the first place (what with their stellar history of releasing “quality titles”on Nintendo consoles). I really don’t know what they expected here, quite honestly.

Sources have estimated that ZombiU moved approximately 200,000 units—not good.