Toy Review: Nendoroid Jack Frost

Toy Review: Nendoroid Jack Frost

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This is my very first toy review! Bear with me okay? Okay.

I am very new to toy collecting.  I only own a few pieces, if I can count them, maybe less than 20?  I owned a few rogue toys here and there, like the odd parts-swappable Pinky St. to a Taeyang limited edition Gyro.  My boyfriend however is a hardcore collector and buys toys fairly regularly. I guess this is why I got influenced (eventually) to start building my small and budding collection of plastic warriors and dolls.  I am most enthusiastic about Nendoroids and I believe this is where I am going to start first to break the ice!

Yes, that was a pun: This first toy review will focus on the lovable and quirky Jack Frost.  Just a bit of a backgrounder – Jack Frost is a recurring demon character from the Shin Megami Tensei series which eventually became the brand mascot of its game’s developer and publisher, Atlus.  He also had a stand-alone game, Jack Bros., where he was the protagonist.  He appears in other Atlus games such as Persona 4 Golden and Etrian Odyssey II (more of a cameo on this one – he is embroidered on the hat of a female gunner).  So I guess this review still doesn’t stray away much from games.  Anyways, the pictures!


Here’s the box!  Typical Nendoroid box with the character name and release number.  The box has some snowflake patterns to emphasize the character’s quality.


Top of the box.  Shows the figure’s headshot and release number.


Side of the box.  This is standard fare for Nendoroids.  There are a bunch of pictures that showcase the figure and how you can pose them.


The back of the box with more pose suggestions!


Here are the box’s contents!


As for his Nendoroid incarnation, Jack Frost does not really have a lot to offer if you compare him to the other releases.  He only comes with 3 different extra hands, 2 extra joints, a really weird stand, a blue translucent stone with a stand and the figure itself.


Here’s the manual to guide you on how to use the stand and other items.



On to assembly!  The stand works by removing his tail and screwing it back in to secure the part with the peg.  Then, you connect it to the transparent half crescent base.


Now that he has a stand, you can make pose him as if he was floating.  Here’s how it looks like at an angle.


You can pose him sitting down without problems, as long as he has his stand to keep him from falling down.


This is Jack’s accessory, a light blue translucent stone that serves as his projectile.  It’s kind of hard to use as an accessory because the stand is too tall :(


The body (and parts) are mostly white, so make sure your hands are clean before you try to change his parts or pose him.  You don’t want to leave a dirty thumbmark on a pristine toy!


Here’s me mimicking a pose suggestion from the box. Jack’s pondering on what that big black thing is.  (Clue: that will be my next review!)


Poseability-wise, well you can’t really do anything much.  The joints will give you a lot of limitations in creating poses.  Thankfully, he’s too cute so you can forgive him for lacking flexibility.

Over all, I do not recommend getting Jack if you are not an Atlus / Shin Megami Tensei fan.  He doesn’t come with a lot of accessories that make Nendoroids fun to play with.  The package’s limited hands and feet also make for less poseability.  However, the sculpt really captured his look and mischievous fanged smile, so I am happy with that.  The colors and the paint is, like always, superb.  Quality-wise, it is still pretty good.

Jack Frost Nendoroid 234 is available at GreatToys Online.  Original price is at about PHP 2,050, but you can get him now with 15% discount (Nendoroids are on sale!), and a further reduction of 2% if you are a GTO member.  Interested?  Better get to it; stocks are very limited.