Toy Review: Figma #167 – Labrys from Persona 4 Arena

Toy Review: Figma #167 – Labrys from Persona 4 Arena

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Labrys was introduced in the Persona 4 Arena fighting game resulting from a collaboration between Atlus and Arc System Works (known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue). In the game’s story line, this mechanical maiden is a 5th generation “anti-shadow suppression weapon”, making her Aigis’ older but technologically inferior sister. That bit of information is absolutely irrelevant if you are not familiar with Persona 4 Arena or the Persona 3 and 4 series in general. It would also baffle me if a non-fan actually reads on and finishes the entire review about the Labrys figure from Max Factory’s Figma line of toys. Click on the image thumbs for high resolution pictures, the site’s auto re-sizing makes them look wonky if I slap them onto this post as is.

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While the toy’s box is of standard size, there is an abundance of accessories packed with the Labrys figure. This toy comes with three (3) facial expressions, one of which is her “shadow” inside the Midnight Channel (again, another useless refrence for non-fans). The most notable and exciting accessory of Labrys is of course her axe, just look at the size of it! Unlike Aigis, Labys actually has clothes (that really sounded awkward) and looking closer you’ll see that her metal parts (gloves, knee pads, headband, and weapon) are all inspired from medieval gear.

P1010795P1010797It was actually quite challenging to pose this figure with the axe because a lot of balancing is required to get a decent action pose out of it. The toy comes with second figure stand that really helps when you are unable to balance Labrys’ pose with the axe.

P1010798 P1010750The challenges of posing  this figure also ramps up when you factor in her “chain linked” arms. There are two types of chain link accessories, one is an actual metal chain and the other is a plastic chain which is used for poses which require the chain links to look tight. I actually spent quite some time making these poses and they’re not even half as good as what other toy reviewers made (thankfully this is not my bread and butter).

With this huge axe, your virginity will be well guarded.

With the chain accessories, the number of poses you can think of really ramps up so it will probably take a while before you actually get bored of this playing around with Labrys. Do be careful when posing the figure because I actually dropped it a few times already. Most of them was because I couldn’t balance the figure properly. These drops seem to have left a mark on my toy (sucks) but I’m not entirely sure if its a factory issue or not. It’s not that big of a deal though. I just shouldn’t stare at my toy too closely and regardless, it’s still a bloody good looking toy.

There is a great deal of vanity and action poses you make with this toy to make your display cases come alive so it’s a great buy if you’re into collecting toys but still doesn’t make much sense to me if you aren’t a fan of the game where the character was introduced. I mean, you’ve got to at least have some kind of emotional attachment to collect figures of fictional characters.

P1010783 P1010806 P1010839

This figure is a must have for fans of Persona 3, 4 and Persona 4 Arena. I’m actually liking this toy so much I’m considering getting the alternate color edition which may cost more than the P2,300 (less cash and membership discount) I paid for in Great Toys Online. While it does sound excessive, fans of the series like myself will get why it makes sense to buy another figure.

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