Toy Review: Figma #161 – Aigis The Ultimate Version

Toy Review: Figma #161 – Aigis The Ultimate Version

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It is known among the staff that I’m a fan of Atlus (Fatlus Friend) specifically for their SRPGs and their RPGs. As a matter of fact, I gobble up anything with “Shin Megami Tensei” or “Persona” because I’m just wired that way. Today I will review the recently released Figma figure of Aigis from the Persona 4 Arena (P4U The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena if you want to be anal about the Japanese version) fighting game.

Figma is a Japanese brand of collectible toys which can be posed. Initially, their items are generally limited to Japanese pop-culture (anime and video games mostly) but in recent years have expanded to western pop culture releasing  figures of iconic characters and personalities such as Robocop and even Michael Jackson. Anyway, on with the Figma #161 – Aigis The Ultimate Version. I’m no photographer so bear with me with the pictures (they’ll get better with the next toy reviews, I promise). In the mean time, click on the pictures to view larger versions.

The packaging like any other Figma figure is pretty standard outside the Jack Frost seal (upper left corner) certifying that this is an officially licensed product by Atlus.

Aigis Ultimate 1

The back portion of the box shows various ways you can pose the figure.

Aigis 2

The figure comes with the following accessories: two (2) face types, one (1) visor, one (1) Gatling gun w/ muzzle fire, one (1) canon, one (1) missile launcher, five (5) pairs of hands (like most Figmas), the usual figure stand and a plastic pouch to keep all your accessories in.

Aigis 3

One of the things I really like about this version of Aigis is the proportions of the body and the facial features in general compared to the previous Aigis Figma. Below is a comparison of the two Aigis figures and I threw in Metis for the lulz. The Aigis ultimate version is obviously a much smaller figure but with Figmas and Revoltechs, you don’t really get to complain about their size because these are non-scale figures and highly detailed posable 6 inch+ figures are quite rare and expensive.

Aigis 10

There really isn’t much to be said about this figure if you’re not a fan of Persona 3 or P4 Arena but it’s a good piece to start with if you want to collect Aigis figures as it’s easily one of the cheapest and nicest looking figures out there. The fun part about collecting a toy series like Figmas, Revoltechs or even Nendroids is the fact that you can interchange parts and accessories to form all sorts of crazy combinations (if done properly would look nice, if not, would just be downright creepy) or have nice cross over toy displays.

I pre-ordered this figure from Great Toys Online and guess what? They actually announced a price drop on their figures because the peso is fairing better compared to the Yen lately. An alternate colored Aigis Ultimate version is also available from Great Toys Online though it might be more expensive as it’s a limited edition series.

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