Totally Worth It: Shovel Knight Digs Into Your Funds

Totally Worth It: Shovel Knight Digs Into Your Funds

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This is a good example of a Kickstarter project that deserves your money and I’m glad that this game got funded.  Shovel Knight by Yacht Club games is a “love letter to 8 bits” and it looks like it’s going to romance its socks off.  The devs got a whopping 300k from over 14,000 backers which is a good show of support to this indie project.  Why am I swooning over this game?

  • The game looks sweet!  8-bit done right, maybe to perfection EVEN.  Shovel Knight follows the NES color pallette which makes it really beautiful.
  • Great character design and concept for the lead (and eponymous) character.
  • The animation and movement of the characters varies a whole lot — down to the lowly minions.
  • Totally plays like your favorite Rockman (Megaman) game!
  • 4-player arena mode, bitches! (local only but who cares)
  • Gender swap mode for feminazis! (haha totally kidding… no, not really)
  • Jake Kaufman is composing the soundtrack for the game.  He did some music for Contra 4 and Shantae and his latest work is featured in Double Dragon Neon.
  • And also! Manami Matsumae (the composer of awesome themes from Rockman) is creating new and original music for the game! If that doesn’t make you cream your pants, you have a serious problem.
  • The guys who developed this game worked in some pretty cool titles so the quality is expected to be topnotch.
  •  Finally, doesn’t Yacht Club remind you of YC Bikini briefs?  For a man who packs a wallop!

Still not convinced? Here is a video:


Since they are totally funded, the project sees the light of day and we will get to play the game when it gets released commercially.  They are looking at the PC, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS for the maiden launch and will even have the stereoscopic 3D support!  Help them get greenlighted over at Steam.