Time and Eternity Release Date Announced

Time and Eternity Release Date Announced

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NIS America announced that June 28 is the day we will be able to buy retail copies of Time and Eternity, while Europe will be traipsing a few days later (July 3rd) as the game is made available through the PlayStation Store.  The North American PlayStation Store will get the game a few weeks after Europe’s release, so to those who simply cannot wait, reserving a retail copy is your best bet.


Time and Eternity is dubbed the world’s first ‘animation RPG’ and developer Imageepoch presents the game in high-definition (and high quality) animation.  The game starts with one of the lead characters dying in his wedding ceremony.  He then travels back in time with his time mage wife-to-be to track down the assassins who attacked them in the wedding and hopefully set things straight.

The game is animated by Satelight, the same studio who worked on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin opening movie.