This Week’s PlayStation Store Update: Cloudberry Terror

This Week’s PlayStation Store Update: Cloudberry Terror

2 1128

Ubisoft’s little masochistic platformer is finally out! Cloudberry Kingdom‘s randomly generated levels are here to make even the most hardcore jump maniac cry like a little girl.

Here’s the launch trailer:


There’s also Deep Silver’s new twin-stick shooter, Narco Terror. It’s a game inspired by such arcade classics such as Commando, MERCS, Ikari Warriors, and Space Invaders, and modern titles such as Assault Heroes, Renegade Ops, Geometry Wars, and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. They’ve also added an online multiplayer co-op mode. Worth checking out.


If you haven’t played the excellent Journey (not starring Arnel Pineda) and The Unfinished Swan then there’s a bundle sale for these critically acclaimed indie titles. Pick them both up for $14.99


And lastly, I’m gonna include the PlayStation Plus update in this post because I hate this week’s update and I’m a lazy nipple. So here’s the image to sum it up:

Max Payne 3 for $7.99 is a freakin’ steal, by the way.


Source: PlayStation Blog



  • cheenacat

    Dokuro is free! U MAD?

    • Shin Corpuz

      I got it from a previous sale for $5 so it’s k.