Tekken Card Tournament Boost Packs Officially Available at Datablitz

Tekken Card Tournament Boost Packs Officially Available at Datablitz

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Tekken without all the twitch and combo pattern memorization.

Last Monday, a weird item in the front display of Datablitz Glorietta caught my attention in the form of Heihachi printed on a foil pack. Going in with zero knowledge of what it is, I bought a booster pack to satisfy my curiosity of what apparently is a Tekken Card game launched earlier this year on iOS, Android, Kindle (apparently) platforms, and can even be played on your web browser. The feature image above is basically from an in-game announcement from the Tekken Card  Tournament app officially announcing Datablitz as the distributor of the physical booster packs. I’m still exploring the mechanics of Tekken Card Tournament which seems to have mixed reactions from its players granted that mobile games tend to bring out heated debates on micro-transactions and pay-to-win paradigms. Although my first impressions of the game tells me you can actually play the card game without having to spend money if you are extremely patient.Gold (in-game currency) and Credits (cash currency( can be acquired by simply playing the game regularly and most if not all cards can be purchased with Gold except for the new addition to the game’s roster: Heihachi. His cards can only be acquired through the physical booster packs.

Not sure how I feel about having an old man on my desk.

Each pack contains five (5) cards of which four (4) will always be game cards with QR and serial codes which allows you to add the physical cards you acquire to your deck in the Tekken Card Tournament mobile game. The fifth card can either be a game card or a collectible card which doesn’t have anything to do with the card game.

Each booster pack also comes with very simple instructions on how to play the game with the cards (less the mobile app) which is odd for a card game: where are the starter decks? The cards also feature AR character cards which can be used in the card game to boost stats and gain perks or take your favorite Tekken character around for photo shoots and what-not.

I’m still exploring the game so I’ll be discussing the game in-depth soon but in the meantime here is a quick explanation on how the mobile card game works:

  1. Each player selects a character: you will be given enough cards to start a deck for one character.
  2. Each deck must consist of 15 cards.
  3. In the start of play, you choose from three commands: Focus (to draw cards), Strike (to attack with your cards), Defend (to nullify the first two strikes from an opponent’s hand).
  4. All card have attack values and special properties which trigger upon certain conditions.
  5. The main point of the game is of course to reduce your opponent’s health to zero. The default HP of each character is 90 points and can be modified with power cards which can be acquired in the game.

Winning or losing matches in the game gives you gold and xp which are used to buy cards or digital booster packs. You can even earn gold, credit or card rewards just by playing so there is that option not to spend real money. You can also unlock achievement reward just by playing against the computer in arcade mode for additional rewards.

The booster packs seem to be relevant only if you’ve dabbled in the mobile game so you might as well check it out first if these physical cards interest you.

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