Talk on Video Game Mass Murderers = Game Design Shift?

Talk on Video Game Mass Murderers = Game Design Shift?

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A former dev of Bulletstorm, Adrian Chmielarz made mention that the “widespread” discussion of players being disturbed video game characters being mass murderes such as Nathan Drake (Uncharted) could mean a shift in game design. While I certainly don’t disagree that games could benefit from more creative implementation of game mechanics, I seriously don’t see what the big deal is with the whole this character leaves hundreds, if not thousands of corpses in his/her wake every game (except when it makes a huge contradiction with a game’s story line. Like the new Tomb Raider).

If you look at it, video games of old up to now are built on mountains of corpses of dead pixels (lulz) to 3D models. It’s only now that the graphics have become realistic that it becomes an issue? I think all this talk is a bunch of over-hyped and over-sensitive hogwash on the part of news media and the people who post on forums and comment sections making it such a big deal.

I’m no desensitized person from years of “virtual murder” from humans, aliens, cartoon bad guys, to animals (don’t harass me Peta, my friend made me play Monster Hunter and I murdered countless monsters who just want to be loved!) because I can’t watch those terrorists beheading videos or gruesome whatever that is posted on Youtube. I close the flippin’ browser when I make the mistake of clicking one of those videos before the action happens.

Popular “violent” game designs can be called out for being stale and unimaginative. Like how FPS game 1, 2, 3, and so on a clones of the same game with better graphics and more guns or whatever. But to put in an angle were violence in video games = bad then shift to your product which looks totally non-violent or whatever you wanna call it is just simply self-serving and a ploy to get more attention.

The video game industry could probably use less violence, or less sex, or less whatever vice it is people can think of but we can also use a lot less people grand standing on those ideas.


Feature image was nabbed from: NextGenUpdates