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In possibly one of the most surreal CES keynote speeches ever presented in the event’s history, the WWE (read: decrepit wrestling company) today announced a rather forward-thinking initiative, the WWE Network. Going live on tablets and streaming devices (including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS4!) on February 24th, the service will cost $9.99 and will feature a fair amount of programming from past and present wrasslin’ organizations that have been absorbed into the company’s umbrella. More importantly, your monthly charge lets you stream every pay-per-view event the company puts out going forward.

Kind of a bold move from the company who pretty much created pay-per-view television. Unlike similar networks from other sports organizations (cue the irony of implying that professional wrestling is a sport), you get a lot for what you pay for: on top of first-run, original programming running 24/7, you get a Netflix-like archive of past events to wade through; almost 150,000 hours have been digitized for the Network’s purpose so far.