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“Skins,” protective layers of vinyl for small electronics, are a dime a dozen nowadays. Almost everyone’s jumping on this manufacturing bandwagon, and unfortunately, the production values on most manufacturers’ skins are uniformly awful: applying the skins is an ill-documented, bubble-filled malady; and removing the skins is an even worse experience—good luck not leaving semi-permanent gunk on your gadget on the way out. Moreover, skin manufacturers offer the tackiest designs ever. I mean, really, who wants to cover their devices with terrible fractal designs straight out of Kai’s Power Tools circa 1998?

Skinomi’s Techskin miraculously solves all of the complaints I previously had with similar products. I’ve been getting their transparent skins for pretty much every tech device I own (their product range covers quite a gamut of gadgets), and I recently decided to slap their very tasteful Natural Wood skin on my laptop.

Applying the skin was a breeze. Though it’s a bit unfair to assume that given my zen-like skill at applying screen protectors and whatnot to my devices, I didn’t have to wrestle with surface bubbles post-application: a quick swipe with the end of a credit card took care of everything. And though I initially aligned one of the bigger skin chunks on the sides of the device incorrectly, to my surprise, the skin peeled off fairly easily and I was able to reapply it without much fuss.

I found the vinyl covering on the Natural Wood Skins to be more than satisfactory. As Skinomi’s marketing material suggests, three kinds of film make up the Snake Skins’ vinyl facade. There’s a waterproof top layer, followed by two more layers that prevent residue from building up inside, beneath, and around the skin. I performed a couple of cursory tests on the skins to see if they were indeed up to snuff, and they all performed admirably. Keying the skins produced nary a nick on the transparent top layer, and leaving a fine spray of water on the unit for a couple of hours didn’t cause the skin to peel off or slip away.

I don’t think there’s much more to say about this particular product, other than the fact that these guys are my personal favorite out of the bevy of companies that make similar cling-on skin products. They don’t look tacky, leave any residue, and peel away easily; and really, that’s all you need to know. Skinomi currently supports a growing line of gadgets, and the skins are available at brick-and-mortar stores and online starting at $5.