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I wasn’t aware that this little shooting game from developer HE-SAW was based on a comic book.  I played the demo and actually enjoyed myself through it so I felt I had to experience the full game. So I did.

Blue Estate is an on-rails arcade shooting game. If you remember playing Time Crisis or House of the Dead then you already know what you’re in for. Now the main difference is you are not using a light gun peripheral. You use the DualShock 4’s sixaxis accelerometers to aim your reticule and shoot the bad guys in the nuts (there is an actual bonus for shooting enemies in the balls. Seriously).


The game let’s you take control of either Tony Luciano, son of a mafia mob boss who is in love with a hooker or Clarence, an ex-Navy Seal hired by Tony’s dad to take clean up Tony’s mess and rescue his favorite race horse named Blue Estate. Yes, the game is named after a horse. To be honest, I did not pay too much attention to the overall story because you don’t really need to. The game itself even acknowledges this by offering to fast forward to the gameplay part when there’s a story sequence/cutscene. Blue Estate tries to be funny but aside from an ocassional giggle or two over an immature/racist quip or a pop-culture reference, you can just skip to the killing.

Like I said, Blue Estate forgoes the gun peripheral in favor of the Dualshock 4 controller. In addition to the aiming with the gyroscopes, the game utilizes the face and shoulder buttons for actions like reloading and hiding. Pressing up on the D-pad will quickly center your reticule to re-calibrate your aiming. This is a real smart way of making sure the gyros are accurate and you will be pressing it a lot. The DualShock 4’s unique touchpad is also an important piece for the control scheme. Context-based commands, like opening a door, dodging an obstacle, and brushing up Tony’s hair when it obstructs his vision (I’m not kidding) are executed by swiping in different directions on the pad. The game also has 2-player co-op mode.

blue_estate-2563381 (1)

On the visual side of things, Blue Estate is not pretty. The game can easily be done on a last-gen system. To be fair, I’m sure it’s going for the dirty gritty look of the source material but it I’m also sure it could look much better. Of course the PS4’s extra horsepower is making it sure that it all runs smoothly without slowdowns and such, but a next-gen title it is not.

Music is the kind that you would expect of a game in this genre. Besides, heavy metal guitar riffs and beats go really well with gunshots and big explosions, doesn’t it? Voice acting is pretty much okay except for the annoying narration from a character named Roy — who is described in the comic’s website as “The ace private eye who never sleeps (and rarely bathes)”.

The game from start to finish has seven stages that is each immediately selectable and replayable after you finish them opening up chance to improve your score or play on a different difficulty. That’s great for trophy hunters because there are stage-specific acheivements. Each level takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete making Blue Estate a very short game if you just want to finish the story.


Hits the mark:

  • The DualShock 4’s motion controls work surprisingly well as a replacement for a gun peripheral.
  • Killing people and keeping up your combo meter is satisfying.
  • Mini-game mechanic dispersed throughout the stages are fun.

Missed it by that much:

  • Game looks like last-gen. Looks outdated.
  • Story does not deserve your attention.

Blue Estate

Developer: HeSaw

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive


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That wall used to be full of local MMO posters.

Metrowalk, Pasig – June 22, 2013 – Digital Extremes’ Philippine marketing arm of their free-to-play third person shooter Warframe kicked off their Cafe Missions series of live events starting off in the internet cafe formerly known as “Gamefrog”. The activities were your typical free-play for event goers, moved into a solo defense mission tournament and culminated with a raffle draw for Cooler Master gaming peripherals. Just to clarify, there are no plans for a Philippine or South East Asian server for Warframe. Players from the Philippines can access the game via Steam or their official website and then you can join up with the Filipino Warframe community in the official Warframe Philippines Facebook page. At the most, you’ll find local Warframe live events and of course payment gateways through existing pre-paid card dealers and what-not in the near future. It’s really up to the Warframe Philippines team to surprise you and I.

It looks mighty good for a free game.

Warframe puts you in the role of space ninjas called “Tenno” or something. They battle oppressive galactic warlords to liberate territories in the Earth’s solar system. Along the way, you will pick up cool artifacts, mods, schematics and parts to make all sorts kick-ass things in varying mission objectives and what-not. I haven’t played the game enough for me to describe the game objectively so maybe I’ll write up some impressions about it when I get the chance to explore the game further or you readers can just jump in and try the game out. Admittedly, Warframe looks really good for a free game.

This will come off as odd for a free-to-play shooter, but Warframe does not have a PVP game mode. You can play solo missions or go co-op with friends but you cannot in anyway kill each other. The great thing with a shooter not being focused on PVP is the potential to develop a deeper online PVE shooter experience instead of tacked-on AI-modes from Asian developed online shooters.

The game’s micro-transaction business model will certainly make eyes roll but hey, it’s not PVP game so pay to win has less weight in some ways. The most you will probably be compelled to spend on are item and warframe slots and then credits to continue missions when you suck so bad and keep dying in missions. Weapons and warframes can acquired through grinding for but should you choose to skip the grind, you can always fork over cash for an instant boost.

According to Warframe’s Regional Operations Director (SEA), Ramon Garcia, these cafe mission events will happen at least once a month and will eventually land outside Metro Manila. So you’ll probably want to follow the Warframe PH Facebook page to find out the venue for the next cafe mission for a chance to win cool stuff from their tournaments and raffles.

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For more pictures of the event, you can proceed to the Warframe Philippines Facebook page.

Warframe Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP SP 3 or higher
  • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

These are the only system requirements posted on Steam but honestly, you will probably need a pretty modern rig to play Warframe in all its glory and have good frame rates.

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I adore pixel art. I came from that generation of gamers (80s-90s), so it has a special place in my cold, black, evil, un-beating heart. So when indie developer Gamesbymo introduced A.N.N.E. (or Anne, if you prefer) to Kickstarter, I ceased my usual suspicious late-night internet activities to read the details and in less than 5 minutes I turned into this:


Anne is in gorgeous 16-bit, which is about time since the indie scene has been saturated with 8-bit lately. It’s a true 2D game in 720p, so they advised to make sure our monitors supports 1280X720. The gameplay is a generous granola mix: a Metroidvania-Gradius hybrid with physics elements, and to top it off, it’s open world! So basically it’s Metroidcastlevaniagradiusangrybirdsskyrim, all in one pack.


What really attracted me to this game like a whore to Tyrion Lannister is that the Kickstarter pledge awards are even sexier. In particular I took a BIG interest in the $100 level pledge, which is the game, complete in an SNES-themed box, cartridge, manual and the best part, a USB controller that resembles the original SNES controller. I mean, why settle for an original golden PS3 controller when I can have an SNES-like one? I hope they won’t screw this one up. Nostalgia may be overrated but I’m allowed to indulge in it once in a while.

The game also lists a lot of very promising stretch goals, and I quote ad verbatim:

  • $90,000 Milestone: Mac and Linux Versions!
  • $100,000 Milestone: Achievements! Gender Swap Mode!
  • $115,000 Milestone: New game+!
  • $130,000 Milestone: OUYA version. Challenge areas: Disapearing blocks? Alternate ending for completing every challenging areas?
  • $145,000 Milestone: PSN Version/Vita Version
  • $160,000 Milestone: Protect the ship two-player local co-op Mode!
  • $180,000 Milestone: WiiU version
  • $350,000 Insanity Milestone: ???

Yes, if enough money gets tossed their way, we can have Anne on OUYA, VITA and WiiU! It’s like Shovel Knight all over again! What more can I ask for?


If you’re a very awesome individual, you’ll definitely support sexy indies like this. So zoom to Kickstarter now and pledge! While you’re at it, hop on Steam and make sure to Greenlight this game! You may also find Gamesbymo on their Official Site, Facebook and Twitter pages. The game is expected to be released on early to mid-2014, but you can bet that 30lives will be keeping an eye on it, and so should you! Stay tuned for more details as they unfold!


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If there’s one thing that pisses off gamers other than lag, it’s not being able to play, for any goddamn reason. Take Old School Games’ new third person shooter God Mode. It’s published by Atlus and the game’s out on Steam, Xbox LIVE and PSN, but still Steam players keep getting crashes, and a lot of them (myself included) are stuck on the loading screen. Although the devs already got the message from a mob of cranky people (aka customers), they said they have no definite date on when a patch/fix will be released, but it is coming. Until then, if you already bought the game on Steam, you can either:

  1. Be patient,
  2. Ask Steam (nicely) for a refund,
  3. Bitch at the game’s Community Hub on Steam and be ignored for being an ass.
  4. Do nothing.


At least last year, this guy up here wasn’t BSing you and shooting it straight.