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(Philippines, May 6 2014) – Since the launch of the Playstation 4, Sony’s console has not only proven itself as the superior console against its competition, it has in my opinion taken the advantage for this console generation. XB One has showed off nothing but inferior ports (in 720p) while Playstation 4 runs the same game in 1080p at 60 fps. The Wii U is last gen. Sorry Mario, the adults are talking here. Sony has also been taking all the right steps in being pro-consumer with the gratuitous Playstation Plus service and Share Factory the game play video editing software for the Playstation 4 which came with System Software Update 1.7. Yesterday, we had the honor to partake in an exclusive meet and greet with spokespersons from the regional office of Sony in Singapore.

The main purpose of this media briefing led by Teoh WahKeong (Marketing Manager) is to announce launch dates of upcoming Sony console games for the PS4, PS Vita, and PS3 which will soon be available in select Sony Stores in the Philippines. There was also a mention in passing of strategic channels which I believe would be our mainstay game chain stores. While we are acclimated to the whole gray market supply chain, it would be great for Sony and stores like Datablitzand iTech to work hand-in-hand to grow our local gaming market. Below is a list of the games that were previewed during the event and their release dates:

  • (PS4) Murdered: Soul Suspect – June 6, 2014
  • (PS4) MLB 14 The Show (R3) – May 6, 2014
  • (PS3) Drakengard 3 – May 21, 2014
  • (PS Vita) Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma – June 2014
  • (PS Vita) Mind Zero (May 27, 2014

We were able to try a couple of interesting titles such as Drakengard 3 (hack and slasher), Mind Zero (Looks like a Persona Q for the PS Vita), and Murdered: Soul Suspect (a detective game where you play as the spirit of a dead detective).

P1020374 P1020377

Other inclusions in this briefing are highlights of the Software Update 1.7 which includes Share Factory and the remote play function for the PS Vita TV with the PS4 allowing you to play your PS4 games at another TV should your living room be occupied.

Our take away from this is Sony is legitimately targeting South-East Asian countries such as the Philippines as a relevant market for their video games division. We are hoping that the prices for Sony Philippines distributed games will remain competitive with the current prices in the grey market and possibly the inclusion of the Philippines as an official PSN location. This would also mean better availability of PSN Cards which are unfortunately marked-up by local retailers.

We will be updating you all with new developments in this renewed push by Sony’s gaming division in the Philippines as it happens. Be sure to stick around to find out more in the coming months.

Ms. Zhorida Lipayon

P1020173Playstation 4 has finally launched in the Philippines as of January 14 but the more intriguing side of the story is what else is in store for the Philippines? We are certainly excited about the next product launching (PS VITA TV for South-East Asia) and while we wait for that, we at 30lives were able to spend some time with the Group Head of Home Entertainment Product Marketing from Sony, Zhorida Lipayon to give us a bigger picture on what Sony Philippines has in store for us.

30lives: One of our primary questions is: What has changed in the strategy of Sony? They are now targeting South-East Asian countries where online games are more prevalent than console games?

Zhorida Lipayon: The good thing about our situation right now is everybody can see our (Philippines) potential but not just in the Philippines but all the other countries mentioned (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sinagpore). The Philippines has a very young working population so there is a lot of room to cultivate the market in terms of brand appreciation and loyalty.


30lives: So this is more of a Global strategy?

Zhorida Lipayon: This has always been the strategy of Sony to identify potential markets and then invest in them.

P102020030lives: Granted that before there were any official console launches, there has been a long-standing “grey-market” for retail/console games. Is this an issue with Sony?

Zhorida Lipayon: At the end of the day, it’s a Sony sale (when our products are bought from these channels) but what we are focusing on a channels where we know we can sell. Sony Philippines is primarily an A/V (audio/visual) hardware distributor. So at the moment we are focusing on that as we have our special channels: Sony Centers and Gadget Shops. For us it’s quite different.

30lives: So basically it’s not an issue?

Zhorida Lipayon: No it is not.

30lives: Even if they import their consoles from say, Hong Kong or Singapore?

Zhorida Lipayon: That’s okay but there are certain disadvantages. For one, Hong Kong is not covered in our regional warranty service. But for us in Sony Philippines, it’s all about the whole package. When someone wants to try the Playstation 4, we don’t just have them try the console as is. We want them to try it with our brand new 4k TVs because it’s a totally different experience.

30lives: So you’re all really more focused on the game hardware sales than software?

Zhorida Lipayon: Well we do have certain goals to make sales of specific volumes but we really are focused on what we can sell well because we have to do business smart.

P102015930lives: There have been ventures to distribute game software such as X-Play. You’re not really going down that road?

Zhorida Lipayon: There are some ways for us to secure game distribution as we can get from distributors signed by our Singapore office.

30lives: I guess that would be more for first party (Sony) games, right?

Zhorida Lipayon: Well that would be the preference but we would like to expand it more but we would like to give our loyal Sony Playstation fans what they want.

30lives: On to the packaging the Playstation 4s and the 4k TVs there isn’t really a (video) format for it yet and the only thing that can cater to 4K resolutions are PC games. What is the advantage of adopting a 4K TV now?

Zhorida Lipayon: Our 4K TVs are able to upscale non-4K sources to 4K resolutions. So PS4 games and Blu-ray shows will be upscaled to 4K level resolutions.

P102018730lives: Will the Vita TV be a localized or regional service?

Zhorida Lipayon: It will be a regional service.

30lives: I think one of the concerns regarding PS Vita TVs being sold in the Philippines now is the fact that they are Japanese units. Will these units be usable for the upcoming regional service for countries under South-East Asia?

Zhorida Lipayon: Our demo sets are Japanese PS Vita TVs. We will have a different version from the Japanese Vita TVs.

30lives: So I guess it’s safe to say that Japanese Vita TVs won’t work for the Asian regional service?

Zhorida Lipayon: Yes.

Our takeaway: it looks like Sony’s Philippine arm has big plans for the well-entrenched local PlayStation fanbase. The days of pirated PlayStation discs brazenly being sold in local department stores are long behind us, and it appears that Sony has finally seen potential in the Philippine market as one of potential growth. 

Watch this space for more coverage on Sony Philippines’ upcoming launches; the Vita TV’s launch is just around the corner! In the meantime, please enjoy this non-musical montage of moments from Sony Philippines’ PlayStation 4 launch!

P102027730lives.net was at the Glorietta Activity Center yesterday to cover the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the Philippines. The event called ‘Play the Future First’ unveiled the much awaited next-generation console to Filipino gamers at the SRP of PHP 24,999. The event is hosted by seasoned radio jocks Gino Quillamor and Riki Flores who also demo’d some of the games on the PS4. The launch was held in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch.

Opening the event is the President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines, Mr. Yasushi Asaoka. “Sony has always been in touch with what the gaming community needs and wants. We have always strived to give consumers the best experience in home entertainment, which includes  the thrilling roster of PlayStation. It is with great pride that we bring the newest PlayStation 4 in the market today,” Asaoka mentioned during his speech.

Mr. Tomoyuki Haba, who is the Singapore Branch Manager of SCEH also spearheaded the launch in other SEA countries. He mentioned during his speech that the PlayStation 4 has sold more than 4.2 million copies already, according to their Tokyo office. The PS Vita has also jumped in sales in anticipation for the PS4‘s release. SCEH also has a new plan on the warranty service for 6 South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Customers who buy the PS4 are entitled to have an extra ONE YEAR WARRANTY COVERAGE in countries where the product has been officially launched (including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia), and the warranty will be valid throughout these countries. Wherever the customers are, they can also have the repair service for their products.

New PS Vita color with light blue back

On stage, Sony Philippines head of marketing Ms. Zhorida Lipayon presented the new game consoles that are launching locally. First up was the new PS Vita system which features a more streamlined form factor and an 1GB internal memory card, is 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter than the original version, making the portable entertainment system even easier to carry. It also comes in different colors such as lime green, light blue, pink black, khaki, black and white. The PlayStation Vita 2000 Wifi is sold at PHP 11,999 locally. Accessories are also available and are sold separately.

Meanwhile, since its unveiling in September 2013, PS Vita TV has become one of the most anticipated Sony products. PS Vita TV is a new entertainment system within the PlayStation family that will allow users to easily access various content on their TV at home. The new system adopts chip sets and system software of the PlayStation Vita portable entertainment system and its size is 6.5cm × 10.5cm, smallest of all PlayStation platforms that connect to a TV. On stage, two girls demo’d the Japanese version of God Eater 2 with one playing on the PS Vita and the other on the PS Vita TV which played flawlessly. I’ve also tried the demo unit on the floor and played Dragon’s Crown which is installed in the system’s memory card and it played without a hitch. I am just not sure if the memory card is the same as the PS Vita‘s and if it can be plugged straightaway from Vita to Vita TV.

Oh myyyy.

According to the press release, “To continue servicing the gaming community, a separate retail launch will be held for the Sony PS Vita TV“. This hopefully means we’ll be able to finally see The Philippines as an available option in the PS Store soon.

The PS4 is a next generation computer entertainment system that redefines rich and immersive game play with powerful graphics, speed, deeply integrated social capabilities and innovative second-screen features utilizing devices such as PS Vita. By utilizing PS Camera, users can expand gaming ways of PS4 and enjoy different gaming experience. The hosts demo’d some of the games on stage which utilized the PS Camera like Play with Asobi and Air Hockey which seemed fun.

Seriously, it’s called Magma Red.

There is also a wide range of peripherals for PS4 that are introduced such as the color variation for PS4 Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 4) in “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue”, PlayStation Camera, DUALSHOCK4 Charging Station and PS4 Vertical Stand. Once you touch these babies, there’s definitely no going back to the DS3, at least this is what I felt while I was playing Crank on the demo floor. There was also a demo of the Personal 3D Viewer where attendees can sample the experience of playing Assassin’s Creed Black Flag up close.

The PlayStation 4 was also made available during the press launch. The payment terms were cash or a straight credit card charge of PHP 24,999 or PHP 26,999 (with camera) on site.

For more details on PlayStation and other Sony products, visit the nearest Sony Centre.

You can also log on to www.sony.com.ph, like them on www.facebook.com/SonyPhilippines and follow them on www.twitter.com/SonyPHInc and www.instagram.com/SonyPHInc.

30lives recently received an invitation to attend the press conference for the Philippine release of Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4. Dubbed as ‘Play the Future First’, the event will be held at Glorietta Activity Center on January 14th (Tuesday) at 11:00 AM.

We are definitely excited to cover what might be one of the biggest gaming industry events for the year, and we’re only still on the second week of January! I hope we get to demo the console as well as some of the biggest titles that will release this 2014. Keep checking the site for our full coverage coming soon!

For more information on the PlayStation 4, do visit Sony Philippines’ website at http://www.sony.com.ph/microsite/preorder/pspreorder.html.

Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: SCEA
Available for: PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 launched with three first-person shooters in its line up. As the other two (Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts) are available on other platforms, Killzone: Shadow Fall is the only one that has the “Only on PlayStation” stamp on the box. Although not really a groundbreaking game by any means, Killzone: Shadow Fall at least earns that stamp of exclusivity by virtue of being a showcase title for the system, and a good overall indicator of what to expect with true next-gen console visuals.

Simply put: the game looks amazing. If you are a Killzone fan used to the bleak and monochromatic visuals of the past games then this one will catch you off guard. Running around Vekta is a feast for the eyes: I especially liked the bright day levels with vegetation. Lighting and reflections are topnotch, with loads of shaders that quite frankly couldn’t be done on last-generation systems. Even the smallest of details get flushed out thanks to the extra horsepower and VRAM behind the system: you can now see what kind of material those Helgan uniforms are made of. For the most part, the game runs at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second on full 1080p. Hands down, this is the best-looking console game out there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As expected, the game falls apart once it tries to build a convincing narrative. The overall concept seems interesting but the execution is confusing to say the least—in the previous game you save your planet being destroyed by foiling the enemy’s plan to destroy it and in the process destroying their planet but now you feel guilty so you give them half of your planet. Huh?

Gameplay is a bit different from previous Killzones. Where the previous games had you playing as various soldiers caught between multitudes of skirmishes trying to save your comrades and following orders, Shadow Fall has you portraying a special agent working behind enemy lines. Levels maps are more open ended and less linear. Objectives are more varied and stealth is a significant part of it.

Being a Vektan James Bond of course means you’ll have specialized gadgets. In this game, you only need one — the OWL. The OWL is a drone that follows you during your missions. You can utilize it in a number of ways to aid you with your objective: sliding your finger on the Dualshock 4 touchpad will switch the OWL’s functions, then hitting L1 initiates that function. Up on the touchpad is attack mode: Sending the drone to engage an enemy target. Very useful if you are pinned behind cover and need covering fire. Right on the pad lets you deploy a zipline to help you traverse the map, Left is an EMP blast that zaps enemies shields, and down on the pad lets the OWL defend a target position. Your trusty drone can also hack terminals to accomplish context-based actions like disabling alarms and such.

The audio side of the game is fantastic. The subtle ambient music fits every mood of the sequence. Gunfire and futuristic beams are realistic and believable. Hearing the narration from the Dualshock 4’s built in speaker when you pick up an audio log is a charming gimmick. I was surprised by the sound quality of that tiny speaker.

Multiplayer has the same modes as Killzone 3‘s Warzone. I didn’t encounter any lag or long wait times to join an online session. Overall, a very smooth experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cool Stuff:

  • Graphics. Best console visuals yet. Though there are a few ‘meh’ parts, overall visual presentation is fantastic.
  • More open levels. Exploring is a thing now. Less linear execution of missions is refreshing.
  • The Owl. The little floating drone gives the gameplay an upgrade in the tactical division.
  • Awesome multiplayer. 24-player battles with tried and tested modes give the game longevity after the campaign.
  • Not really specific for the game but the PS4 share button kicks ass! (all screenshots here were uploaded using the share button)

I Wish it Didn’t Have:

  • A boring story. Although interesting at times, the narrative is a bit confusing and delivered in a ho-hum way.
  • Levels that are artificially lengthened by enemy waves. I wish they’d be more creative with this but I guess it’s what Killzone is about.

In Closing:

Killzone: Shadow Fall has its triumphs and faults but if you want to let your friends know what next-gen is all about, buy Killzone: Shadow Fall and show it to them.

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In a cruel twist of fate—or shipping/production dates—Sony had shipped us our extra DualShock 4 controller three weeks before the PlayStation 4’s official launch. Without a console to actually… control, more adventurous denizens of the Internet have found out how to use these things on PCs and Macs; apparently they work fine as wired or wireless (via Bluetooth) devices via DirectInput (more on this later). To serve our loyal 30lives readers—who have stuck with us through our sabbatical/terrible additction to the street drug known as “Pokémon“—we present to you this surprise impressions post of Sony’s latest iteration on the DualShock brand… Let’s pretend the SIXAXIS mistake never happened, shall we?

DSC01660What’s In The Box?

Nothing. Just the controller and some instruction sheets. Bafflingly, Sony never seems to have the foresight/budget to include the necessary cables to power their accessories; in this case a very-ubiquitous MicroUSB cable. This is a step up from the MiniUSB cables that power the DualShock 3, the collective existences of which seem to be dwindling away from my household (five years ago I was drowning in these things, enveloping my bedroom much like a multi-segmented Anime tentacle monster). At any rate this at least spares us from any pathetic attempts at “unboxing videos,” which are a bane of modern existence and the single, solitary reason of why bad things happen in the world today.

Do You Want To Play Lucky Hit?

DSC01685As I mentioned above, any PC or Mac will recognize the DualShock 4 as a standard, HID-compliant controller when plugged in via a MicroUSB cable. I believe Macs also have the ability to pick the controller up via Bluetooth, but I haven’t tested if there’s a solution out there to make this wireless connection happen in Windows a la MotionInJoy. At any rate, I was excited to put the controller through its paces with a few games on my new Windows computing device of choice, Dell’s Venue 8 Pro tablet (which is an excellent tech product in its own right; I’ll be reviewing it soon). As expected, only the main set of buttons were recognized, no touchpad support for now, although you can register “pressing down” on the touchpad as a button press.

At any rate, the controller worked wonderfully for this purpose; and to inject some smarmy PC gaming elitism into this post—I can’t wait until console gaming finally goes under so I can buy a bunch of these things to use as computer joypads. Although feature-incomplete at this state, I was able to run NullDC and a few random Indie Steam games I had installed on the tablet with relative ease.

Four Ain’t Much, But It’s Better Than Three

I put in about an hour of Grand Theft Auto V on my PlayStation 3 to make sure I was completely acclimated with the DS4’s predecessor before busting the thing out of the box and trying it out. Having first tried it on a tethered demo station back at E3, the first thing that caught me by surprise was the DualShock 4’s overall heft, or seeming lack thereof. At 7.4oz, it’s a little heavier than the DualShock 3 (which weighs in at 6.77oz), but doesn’t quite feel as heavy as the PlayStation 3’s controller du jour. I’m thinking it could be because of more even weight distribution, a wider grip on the handles, or a combination of both; but the DS4 honestly felt a little lighter (and by association, “cheaper”) when I first wrapped my paws around it.

DSC01674While we’re on that train of thought, let’s talk differences for a second. The first and most welcome difference that the DualShock 4 brings are bigger, more ergonomic handgrips. Coupled with the new, matted texture that envelops the back, sides, and part of the controller’s front I doubt that anybody will disagree that the DualShock 4’s overall feel is a huge improvement from its forerunner. Another welcome change is that the L2 and R2 buttons are now convex instead of concave; which means instead of your finger slipping off every so often on a trigger-intensive game (say, Call of Duty: Ghosts), you’ll find your fingers comfortably resting on these trigger buttons; certainly a natural evolution as these analog triggers have grown in importance since console shooters gained new relevance five-odd years ago. Strangely, the triggers have lost a bit of resistance compared to the DS3; I happened to like that amount of feedback and snappiness. Finally, to round out that side of the controller, the not-as-important L1 and R1 buttons have been given new prominence with a larger, rounded button area.

DSC01664Just to mention it very briefly since it’s such a miniscule change and probably won’t affect any game, ever—the face buttons are now equipped with digital instead of analog button sensors. This means that instead of measuring how hard the player pushes down on the X, O, Triangle, and Square buttons, they will simply register an “on” or off” switch. Given that you can count the number of PlayStation 3 titles that used this feature with one hand, I’m fairly confident that this is no substantial loss. Apart from that change, the buttons feel as responsive as ever and are possibly even more responsive given that there’s less data to transmit from the controller back to the device.

Finally, Sony’s learned from the Vita’s excellent foray into handheld controls, borrowing its more focused, “dipped” directional pad, which is more akin to the formerly Nintendo-patented cross D-pad than anything Sony’s put out before. Granted, each iteration of the Dual Shock has received progressively better d-pad designs, but this puts the DualShock 4 one step closer from being an acceptable controller for 2D platformers and fighting games. The addition of lips on the analog sticks is another innovation borrowed from the Vita; and while I’ll be sad to see the old “nipple” sticks disappear from good, I like the feel of these shorter sticks much better.

So that about wraps it for our impressions; we’ll have more to say when we can actually get our hands on the PlayStation 4. Other than that all we can say about the DualShock 4 is “gee, it sure is a half-decent controller for PC games!” Make sure to hit us up at the comments area below if you folks have any particular questions!


Capcom just announced in the San Diego Comic Convention the return of their elite ninja agent Strider Hiryu in a brand new Strider game in development for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and next generation consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One (still no love for the Wii U here I see) and is scheduled for release in 2014.

Like most modern-day renditions of classic games, Strider stays true to its roots and promises you the same old fast-paced and fluid action the original Strider games were known for before Strider Hiryu became a jobber in Capcom’s cross over fighting games. Check out the first trailer below:


Strider is being developed by Double Helix Games in conjunction with Capcom and is scheduled for digital release in early 2014.

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The most requested feature that did not come for the PlayStation 3 is the ability to chat with friends on your PSN list no matter what game or application you are using. The Xbox 360 has it, even Sony’s handheld, the PlayStation Vita has it, but the feature did not come to the PS3 with Sony citing “insufficient system RAM”.

Now with the PlayStation 4, cross-game voice chat is now a thing. Not just that, but all console packages come with a basic headset that plugs in to the controller for voice chat. It’s nothing fancy but at least you will able to do voice chat right out of the box and of course you can still use your fancy headsets as long as it uses the standard 3.55mm jacks. It also comes with the vertical stand and a charging dock for the Dualshock 4 controller — these things you had to buy separately before.


E3 came and went, but depending on your particular tastes and biases, the dust still hasn’t settled on which next-gen behemoth reigns supreme. Since I did enjoy the fortune of having a solid two days of being able to play around with the hardware and software offerings of each console, I figured that the responsible thing to do is make a point-by-point comparison of each console’s strengths and declare tentative winners (obviously not based on final hardware) for each point. Onwards!


DSC00884Let’s get this out of the way—the Xbox One isn’t quite as powerful as the PS4. Thanks to all the fun computer-y stuff that Kinect does in the background, you won’t get as much “oomph” out of the machine as you would with the new PlayStation. Even though the games you’ll be seeing come release day will be leaps and bounds from what you’ve been used to in this long and protracted console generation, expect Xbox One games to have less overall visual fidelity than their PlayStation 4 counterparts, though what kind of disparity to expect remains to be seen.

Edge: PlayStation 4. I’m actually pretty stoked about this console generation. Although both boxes are based on the same AMD-based architecture—to put it in layman’s terms—the PlayStation 4 has better stuff in the box and doesn’t have as much Kinect/OS overhead to deal with. We’ve dealt with consoles with practically similar horsepower for far too long, so it’s about time we get three (almost) completely unique products on the market!


DSC00890The Xbox One’s joypad doesn’t have an official name, so for this comparison’s purposes I’m going to simply refer to it with the colloquial “Xbone controller.” That being said, Microsoft’s latest system does come bundled with some sort of contraption that looks like a wild streamlined amalgamation between the original Xbox’ duke controller and an Xbox 360 controller (come to think of it, that thing didn’t have an official buzzword name, did it?). Gone are the candy-looking buttons—and I sincerely hope none of you tried to lick your controllers just now trying to scope some strawberry—the Xbone controller’s subtle, clear black buttons and matte-textured surface subtly tells us that this is supposed to be a high-end piece of home theater kit first and foremost. Hey, it worked for the NES!

The elephant in the room here is Kinect 2.0. While I wasn’t able to successfully try out all of its neat tricks (blame most of their demos running on a crowded showfloor with a million people running back and forth instead of enclosed, private areas), from what I’ve seen elsewhere it looks like Microsoft actually was able to crunch the numbers and get all of the features it promised during its E3 2009 Project Natal unveiling out the door. While you won’t exactly be able to “scan in your skateboard” or do most of the nebulous BS they promised during initial concept videos, the tracking is way more accurate now than it was with the first Kinect iteration as the technology to do it is finally cheap enough to perform on a consumer level.

At the other end of the room is the DualShock 4. Marking the first significant departure in controller design on its home consoles since… well, the first DualShock, this brand-new design takes some of the basic design concepts out of Sony’s almost-perfect controller design and addresses key ergonomic and functionality feedback to bring it to the next generation. I can harp on about the new recessed d-pad, better triggers, and the very 3DO-like earphone jack, but the real star here is the all-new “share” button, which lets you actively share a snippet of game footage to networks like uStream (the system actively records the last fifteen minutes of gameplay in case you miss anything). Own your friends, bag and tag ’em (on Facebook); this does kill the capture card market but is an awesome feature for mean douchebags like us that have no issues with public shaming.

Edge: Xbox One. While both controllers are really solid pieces of tech, the Xbox One’s business model practically rides on how intuitive its input systems are supposed to be. The new controller is great and all, but if Microsoft is to be trusted, Kinect 2.0 is supposed to revolutionize how we p—alright I’m done, I couldn’t even finish that sentence with a straight face.


DSC00944After getting a solid week to chew on each manufacturer’s respective press briefings, I’ll have to conclude that neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One had any games on launch that really appealed to me. Most of the stuff that they showed off that piqued my interest seemed really far off (Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny, Titanfall) and as is standard with any console launch, there are a bunch of questionable titles on each console’s roster (“gee, I’ve been waiting for a sequel to Killer Instinct,” said nobody ever). If you are at all into games, it looked like Sony had more tastes and bases covered, however. From indie offerings (Octodad), quirky and unique titles (Knack) and even the best kick-butt action games (Infamous), Sony made sure there’s something for everyone.

Edge: Wii U. Wildcard!

Overall, tentative winner: PlayStation 4. I personally have no interest in running yet another media center extender-type device around my house; I have an old Vizio Co-Star Google TV system that works just fine for that purpose. I really have no desire to mess around with all of the required Kinect horse piles that Microsoft’s forced on us with its new system. Stallion comparisons aside, and not to beat a dead one but the fact that the PS4 is releasing at a full $100 lower and has the distinct ability of actually being usable in the Philippines is delicious icing on the cake.

Look, we love playing videogames, so at least for this fiscal year the PlayStation 4 gets our unilateral nod as the console that won E3; whatever that’s worth.

And for everyone else still on the fence, here’s a handy-dandy comparison chart to help you compare each system’s strengths and weaknesses in a (n admittedly) skewed format. We also threw in the Wii U there for no other reason than to be mean.

Sony PlayStation 4 Microsoft Xbox One Nintendo Wii U
Price $399.99 $499.99 $349.99 / $299.99
Availability Holiday Season (no exact date yet) November (no exact date yet) Launched
Game DVR Y Y N
CPU Single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor, 8 cores 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU Multi-Core PowerPC “Espresso” CPU
Storage 500 GB Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive 8GB or 32GB Flash
External Storage TBA Yes, USB Yes, USB
Cloud Storage Y Y N
Mandatory Game Installs N Y N
Need For Always-On Net Connectivity N Y N
Used Game Fee N Y N
Backwards Compatibility None None Yes, Wii
Cross-Game Chat Y Y N
Motion Control DualShock 4, PlayStation 4 Eye, PlayStation Move Kinect 2 Wii Remote, Wii U GamePad (included)
Second Screen Vita (not included) SmartGlass (not included) Wii U GamePad (included)
Voice Commands TBA Y N
Subscription Service PlayStation Plus Xbox Live N
USB USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 2.0
Live Streaming Y Y N
Reputation Preservation Trophies will be ported Achievements will be ported N/A
Web Connection Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, LAN via USB dongle
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR) No* Bluetooth Support
A/V Hookups HDMI (4K Support) , Analog (Component, RCA), Optical output HDMI input and output (4K support), Optical output HDMI out, Component/ Composite out
Region Locked N Y Y

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Not gonna lie; still a Final Fantasy fan. Even though I was pretty much heartbroken at the end of Final Fantasy 13, and did not even bother to finish Final Fantasy 13-2 (Serah, zzz), I am still looking forward to a numbered Final Fantasy title. I am, and forever will remain, a Japanese RPG gamer, yo. So color me excited when news of Final Fantasy Versus XIII broke in E3! The game is now renamed (or promoted) to an actual standalone Final Fantasy title as Final Fantasy XV. Behold, actual game play video!


The battle system looks like it’s going to be more of real-time action combat since one of the more noticeable things in the video is that the ATB gauge is not present anymore. Also, the environment reacts to the actions of the characters in the game (everything seems to be destructible) so it makes more sense to use this to support the active combat of the game. What is also interesting is that your party members can sometimes take part in the attacks to support you and makes for a more interactive type of play (even if you’re just nolifing the game by yourself, lol). In the video, it looks like lead character Noctis can use various weapons (as seen on the bottom left part of the user interface), and can also use warp skills while attacking. Sweet.

A lot of people have hated Tetsuya Nomura (character designer of popular Square titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) for always giving the characters some wild hairstyle or flashy jewelry, but I totally dig the design for Final Fantasy XV. Looks like he toned down with the spiky hairstyle and the flamboyant silvers, but you can still see his signature style which makes for effeminate but extremely good-looking men in game. WANT.

Altair totally using his blending skills to jump into a new game

After the announcement of the game being available for the green guys (XBOX One), PlayStation fanboys all went home and cried their eyeballs to sleep. No seriously though, how could you expect it to stay exclusive when Final Fantasy 13 already got released for the XBOX 360? Just pray that the game will be well-received so we can enjoy more Final Fantasy games in the future. As for me, it will be day 1 buy for whatever next-gen console I will decide to get first.

Konami released a brand new trailer for METAL GEAR SOLID 5: THE PHANTOM PAIN, the next chapter of the METAL GEAR SOLID franchise at this year’s E3. This game will be available on Sony’s Playstation 3 and 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and One systems.

This new video features the FOX Engine’s exceptional level of photo-realistic visual quality with seamless integration of gameplay and cut scenes. This will also be the first time a METAL GEAR SOLID game gets the “open world” treatment and will feature real-time weather, realistic passage of time, and more importantly more freedom to choose your tactics to navigate the terrain and accomplish your missions. The returning characters what were revealed so far are the following: Snake, Kazuhira Miller, Ocelot, and Emmerich. METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain will also introduce new characters to the game’s universe and focus on the tragedies and ugliness of war. You can view the director’s cut video for a more vivid picture of these dark themes. You will also get a glimpse of a few new characters introduced to the Metal Gear universe.


I have to say I am very excited at the prospect of an open world stealth action game. It looks like an insta-buy to me even with such little details. Nevertheless, we’ll be digging up for more details to salivate over in the months to come.

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Okay, so here is the official reveal trailer for Final Fantasy XV as revealed from the Sony PlayStation Presscon earlier today.

The rumors were true — Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being re-branded as the 15th core installment in the franchise. It is announced for the PS4.

It was also announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will also have a PlayStation 4 version.

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Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter estimates that that the cost of the Playstation 4 materials is around $275 while the Xbox One would be at around $325 in a preview note for E3. Subsequently, the investment firm (Wedbush Morgan) estimates that the the PS4 will debut at a price point of $349 while the Xbox One at $399.

The all in one experience is unfortunately not for the grey market countries like ours.

Pachter added that  Xbox One’s higher price may be subsidized through multi-year contracts with telcos or TV partners given the console’s push to integrate the television viewing experience and the always online component (although not as draconic as people expected only requiring owners to go online at least once a day). Microsoft will probably continue its program where Xbox consoles can be subsidized by a lock-in subscription with Xbox Live Gold as it did with the Xbox 360. Sony could also offer a similar scheme offering a lower SKU with a fixed subscription period for their Playstation Plus service but was noted that the company was not known for offering such a payment scheme.

Nintendo has much to lose in the upcoming E3 if they cannot provide a compelling line of games for the rest of the year to pick-up their slack in sales. “In addition, if the Wii U’s popularity does not improve by the end of the year, many third-party publishers may pass on producing games for the console. We note that EA recently announced that it had no Wii U games in development, and it remains a possibility that the publisher will abandon the platform entirely. Should other third parties follow EA’s lead, the Wii U could be relegated to a first party only platform” said Pachter.

The investment firm also made mention that we may expect console manufacturers to slash prices on current generation consoles by as much  as fifty dollars ($50) while the Wii U (also a current generation console, hehe) may be compelled to take a price cut or get a new console bundle.

Kaz emphasizing the Playstation 4 is first and foremost a game console certainly helps differentiate itself from Xbox One.

It doesn’t take a hot shot analyst to determine which console is most relevant for console gamers in the Philippines if these price points are true. I can already imagine the smug look on the faces of Sony fanboys all over the country. If possible, I’d like to be excited over a diverse range of games across all platforms as we’re closing into the start of another console cycle.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Author’s Note: Okay, so that was a big time gulf. I was never very good at names, I apologize for this. Changed Patcher to Pachter.

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The Last of Us is set in a post apocalyptic world where zombie-like things and other humans are equally frightening. Like in uh… The Walking Dead.

Naughty Dog (known for Jak & Daxter and Uncharted) recently discussed how the previous transition between console eras (PS2 to PS3) wasn’t exactly the smoothest. The game engine of Jak and Daxter (on the PS2) was scratched out completely for the PS3 generation and Naughty Dog built a new game engine for the Uncharted series from ground up and I suppose this delayed game development and somehow made a pretty big cost impact on the studio which was significant enough that the game developer already made steps to ensure this wouldn’t happen again.

There was a lot of hype over what next-gen was going to be. It was all going to be like movies, like a pre-rendered cutscene-style fidelity. That turned out not to be true. Granted, what we’re able to do now is pretty damn close, but it took Naughty Dog four games to get there – one of the top developers in the industry with some on the most amazing scientists working in our programming department.”

While some people may have reservations of a game developer using a relatively old game engine for the next generation with the Unreal 4 and Frostbite 3 engine looming over the next generation, the studio  seems to be confident enough that their current engine can be scaled up and improved to be competitive on Gen 4 consoles (more on Ps4 specifically). If anything, we can see a preview of what to expect in the next generation from “The Last of Us” when it hits stores on June 14, 2013 (June 15, 2013 in the Philippines).



Sources: GamesIndustry.biz and DigitalSpy




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Rumors abound on NeoGAF that two separate sources have spotted a placeholder on Sony India’s site indicating a base model launching with a 250gb hard drive will launch at €399; given Sony’s history of price disparity between regions that price will most likely translate to $399 if the rumor is indeed true. So far, no screenshots of the supposed placeholder have surfaced; nor does Google’s cache provide anything useful. For now, we’re tagging this as “complete BS;” but on the flip side we did hear Sony was hiring beta testers for the system!

While any rumors (especially ones like these that are not substantiated with supporting evidence) should definitely be taken with a huge grain of salt, $399 does seem like a sensible and competitive base price to launch the PlayStation 4 at. It’s definitely a step up from the Wii U’s base price of $299; but at the same time offering far more graphical horsepower than Nintendo’s troubled next-gen console. At best, this is an educated guess; at worst this is straight up making stuff up for the drive-by click traffic.