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While it would have made more sense to run this promotion before or during the month of Remember Me’s release, I guess its better late than never. Capcom and Remember Me‘s music composer Olivier Deriviere are giving music composers/arrangers both professional or amateur a chance to show off their remixing skills and win cool prizes as follows:

  • An exclusive Remember Me vinyl LP with custom made sleeve and the winning track
  • A game console of your choice (Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3)
  • The official Remember Me artbook
  • A copy of Remember Me, signed by the developers
  • Assorted Remember Me merchandise

    You can probably sync the tempo of your remix to Nilin’s bad-ass moves in the game.
Now before anyone jumps for joy, sadly, this contest is only open for residents of the United States, Canada, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. So you can’t win all that cool swag and that soon-to-be last gen console but what we have here is a genuine opportunity to remix a track from a game with the blessings of the composer.  There are some rules and parameters on what you can use for your remix of the track “Fragments” you can download all the files here and read up on all the mechanics here. Not like it matters but should you want to enter this contest for the lulz, I’d love to hear your remixes too so hit us up if anybody actually joins the remix contest.
You can listen to the official song of the contest from the soundcloud widget or whatever below. I like the game’s music and you probably would too if electronic music is your thing.

For more insights on the game Remember Me, you can hit up my review of the game last month.