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423140When I was little, one of my favorite cartoon series was Duck Tales just because of the catchy opening theme song (Duck Tales, awoo-hoo!) and lead character Scrooge McDuck diving into a ton of gold coins in his personal vault. “That was the life!”, I thought. Now in my early 30s, I still have no vault of gold coins, but I can still dive into riches virtually in a whole realm. Enter WAKFU‘s latest update: Enurado the Golden Realm.

Being a strategy nut, I got engrossed with Ankama‘s first game DOFUS. I played it like crazy during my stint as an online game playtester (aka content coordinator) when I was still working in Level Up! International. DOFUS ended up being published only in the Brazil arm which made me a bit sad as I really wanted to have the game released locally so I can play with the thriving online games community here in the Philippines.

mapHowever, I am psyched that they have upgraded the game with WAKFU, which also has a cross-media experience of being in all of relevant geek media like comic books, animated series, and video games (both online and console). Best of all, it didn’t lose all that strategic gameplay charm that DOFUS had because it is practically the same universe (called Krosmoz) in the game, only with extra cool features like ecology and citizenship. Now, WAKFU is also being hosted in Asia with a local service specifically meant to cater to us. That is pretty sweet!

So anyway, this update is set in a new map called Enurado which is basically a map made of riches. This is best explored with a party of your friends so round-up your posse now-ish because the update is already live. Below are the newest things to make the update:

  • 1 new dungeon for level 160-170 so keep up with the program and hit the max level pronto
  • 1 new Enutrof monster family, led by Cledus ‘Onist the Key-Keeper
  • 9 main quests to keep you busier
  • 4 environmental quests
  • 9 achievements
  • 53 new items to loot and make you richer

entree_djYou can line your pockets with treasure inside Enurado as the update is now live in the site as I’ve mentioned, but before you go, you might as well grab some riches in this here site! Below are codes that you can enter in your WAKFU game account that will net you:

10 Glossy Runes (used for upgrading items) for just liking and sharing this post! Limited to 100 WAKFU players!

(Note: You can only redeem this code once per game account)

…And a very rare (classed as mythical) item in WAKFU called Virulent Treacherose. Only 10 codes will be given away so aside from liking and sharing, you need to answer a question as well!

Question: What crafting profession in WAKFU can make all sorts of dishes from meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and fine herbs? Their dishes not only give your taste buds a treat, but they’re also highly sought after as they grant special bonuses that no other items offer.


(Note: You can only redeem this code once per game account)

Within the week, we are also going to raffle off some VERY COOL action figures inspired by WAKFU. The game has amazing art and it is actually one of the most endearing things about it for me so having these action figures will add a lot of pizzazz in your desktop or display cabinet! Just to tease you, we are giving away:

  1. Collectors Edition Remington action figure x 1pc
  2. Wakfu Collection Yugo action figure x 1pc
  3. Wakfu Collection Nox action figure x 1pc

Here are some of the pictures of the action figures! They are pretty awesome, right?

IMG_5447 IMG_5449 IMG_5450









The patch is live now so you can go to www.wakfu.asia to continue playing or sign up for an account if you haven’t yet. You also need to like the Philippine Facebook page as they are hosting a lot of events in their page for local fans (and their GMs are funny)!

Ready to line your pockets?

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Hey MMO gamers! Through some happenstance and magic, we happened to stumble upon 400 beta keys for the much-anticipated Southeast Asian release of Phantasy Star Online 2. After quickly finding out that online gaming beta keys aren’t accepted as currency or barter for, um… questionable things, we decided to whip up some code sorcery and give ’em out to you, our wonderful readers.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming out at an unspecified date courtesy of Asiasoft, giant corporate entity most recently known for buying out Level Up Philippines. The publisher plans to release the game throughout their SEA area of responsibility, which includes Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. So if you happen to be in that area of the world (if you’re reading this very post, chances are, you are), please enjoy the unique beta key below this post.  Oh yeah, this is for the PC version of the game; yes we are equally upset that Sega won’t get off their FAAAAT ASSES and localize the game’s Vita version.

Fine print and details ahoy!

  • Date: Thursday, 10 till Sunday, 13 April 2014
  • Beta Starting Time: 1500HRS (Philippine time, GMT +8), Daily
  • Beta Closing Time: 2359HRS (Philippine time, GMT +8), Daily
  • Beta Activation Page: http://bit.ly/PmhHJa

Developed by SEGA Corporation, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Action Online Role Playing Game (MMOARPG) where players get to experience revolutionary combat in an action-driven gameplay, to take a journey into an immersive sci-fi fantasy narrative and to explore mysterious worlds to unravel their secrets.  For more information, check out the game’s official website: http://pso2.playpark.com/en/ and follow the game on Facebook for community updates: https://www.facebook.com/playpso2.ph.

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Howdy ho, vidyagamers! Since our first Facebook contest went over pretty well, we just decided to run one more promotion and give away more free stuff! And this time, we want you guys to use your brains a little bit more.

The “Ask us Anything” link up top has been lonely for quite a while; much like an unsatisfied Anime waifu. Sure, we’ve had a few questions (and complaints!) pop up here and there, but we’d like to do more and interact with you, our wonderful reading audience. On your part, we’d like you to plow down, pump, and guzzle buckets of knowledge and querying inside our presumed inbox waifus. We want you to ask us anything! Literally. Could be about games, could be about your cats; heck you can even ask us if we can do your laundry (but you know we’re gonna say no). But enough talk; here’s how you can join, funderful friends:

  1. Like us on Facebook. Seriously, it takes you five seconds, you get awesome news and updates delivered straight to your news feed, and we don’t even spam you with affiliate links or viral marketing. Unlike most Filipino tech sites, we won’t sell your information to third-parties; because we actually have real careers and are not disgusting manchildren. Why would you not do this?
  2. Share the image post we’ve put up on Facebook. Bonus points* if you share it with a caption that makes us laugh.
  3. Click here to ask us a question.
  4. Make sure your share post is set to PUBLIC so we can check, okay numb nuts?

We’ll be picking five of the best questions and  out of which, one super-secret bonus brownie for the person who gets the most likes and shares the image post the most. The prize? If fame and recognition wasn’t enough, we’ll also be giving away Steam copies of the awesome Action/RPG, Bastion! Already have a copy? No sweat, it’s giftable, so give your friends the gift of grindan. Just to be clear, we will be giving five (5) copies of Bastion to the the best five (5) questions and out of the five (5) best questions, the biggest social media whore will receive bonus goodies on top of the game.

Well, what are you waiting for? SHARE AND LIKE YOU GUYS

* – Bonus points don’t really count for anything. They are just for the lulz.