Super Robot Wars Operation Extend (PSP/Vita) Finally Gets A Release Date!

Super Robot Wars Operation Extend (PSP/Vita) Finally Gets A Release Date!

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A new promo video has been released for Super Robot Wars Operation Extend (SRWOE) today, revealing some new details about the game as well as when it’ll go into retail. Watch the trailer above, then allow me to translate the important gimmicks this game has to offer:

  • OE is separated into 8 downloadable chapters, and each chapter boasts 20 missions (totaling 160 in all).
  • You may pick to play whatever mission you want in a chapter, instead of playing each chronologically.
  • Graphics integrate both 2D and 3D, including beautiful cut-ins from pilots during battle animations.
  • Fully brushed up 360-degree movement and weapon range in maps as opposed to traditional square spaces.
  • Enemies drop materials for crafting upgrade parts, and upgrade parts can be turned into more powerful ones.
  • Replay missions repeatedly as much as you want for farming parts.

OE will only be digitally distributed via PSN and will be released July 18th! The game is playable on both PSP and PS Vita. The first chapter will cost only 500 Yen for a limited time, and when the promotion is over, each chapter will retail for 1000 Yen each.

Next month another SRW game also will be coming out for both the PS3 and PS Vita, SRW OG Saga – Masoukishin III: Pride of Justice. It’s worth checking it out.

For tips on how to create your own Japanese PSN ID as well as obtaining Japanese PSN cards to fill your wallet, read this previous article for valuable links.


  • Makoy Marquez

    Isn’t there going to be a compiliation of all eps at a later date?