Super Collaboration: Puzzle & Dragons Team Up With Clash of Clans of...

Super Collaboration: Puzzle & Dragons Team Up With Clash of Clans of Special In-Game Features

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Very much like Backyard Monsters, also with a lot of depth.

GungHo Online Entertainment, publisher of the hit mobile game Puzzle & Dragons in Japan and Clash of Clans and Hay Day developer Supercell have announced a major cross-promotion event that will start from June 24 and run for two weeks. Puzzle & Dragons is GungHo’s monster-themed puzzle RPG which is available for iOS and Android. It will feature special clash of Clans content which includes a themed dungeon and exclusive monsters during the event period. Supercell’s strategy game Clash of Clans  and farm simulator Hay Day will both feature extensive cross-promotions for Puzzle and Dragons.

Puzzle & Dragons is Japan’s top grossing app of all time with over 14 million players in the country. It has also set an unprecedented level of financial success with sensational news of making $3.75 million per day and $118 million in the month of April alone. The premise of Puzzle & Dragons is rather simple, you capture, collect, and evolve several hundred types of monsters (like Pokemon) to build your team to take on dungeons where you have to link gems of the same color together, chain these links to form combos to deal more damage and beat down monsters (it’s like Bejeweled with combat mechanics).

Pokemon and Bejeweled does make a killer combo.

Clash of Clans has ranked as a #1 grossing app overall on the iPad in 135 countries. According to App Annie’s Store Stats. It was also reported that it was the US’s top grossing iPad game for 104 consecutive days; the next closet game held this spot for only 34 days. Clash of Clans is an strategy game which reminds me of the Facebook game Backyard Monsters where players must mine for resources to make building, raise an army, and the go conquer some land in a persistent word. While the promotion runs, Clash of Clans will feature a Puzzle & Dragons cross promotion in its Inbox and Battle Log sections.

Hay Day is a farm simulator which feature gesture-based controls that mimic real-life farming actions with a open market function which allows players to buy and sell goods just like a farmer in real life. You will even manage food chains from assembly of raw materials to productions of the finish goods. Puzzle & Dragons will be promoted within the in-game newspaper and will have a game trailer in its multimedia theater section.

It seems to me like Gungho is getting the better end of the deal with players being funneled to their Puzzle and Dragons game as a result of this cross promotion. While raking in big bucks, Puzzle & Dragons is only strong in Japan; their reported revenue last April of $118 million came mostly, if not entirely from Japan. This cross-promotion is definitely a push Puzzle & Dragons and penetrate the mobile apps market of other countries.

To-date, Puzzle & Dragons is not available to iTunes or Google Play accounts from the Philippines. I did side load the game for my Android tablet, it worked but I was never inclined to check if you can actually make purchases.