Support Special Effect’s Campaign on Steam Workshop for Disabled Gamers

Support Special Effect’s Campaign on Steam Workshop for Disabled Gamers

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As a gamer, one of my greatest fears is to be physically incapacitated to play games. When I read about Special Effect’s campaign to release Team Fortress 2 items from where 99% of the profits from the in-game items will go to helping people with disabilities play video games again, I immediately felt compelled to share this bit of news to everyone. All you have to do is make a Steam account if you don’t have one and then go here and vote up the collection and each individual item so that they can be released in-game and be purchased by supporters.

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These in-game item were designed and created by artists who go by the handles Psyke, Svdl, Twilight Sparkle and Void. I know there are more ways to get involved such as directly donating to them but campaigns like this can reach a wider audience and get the word out to people about their cause so I don’t see any reason NOT to vote this up and buy these items if not for yourself, for a friend who still plays Team Fortress 2. You can get a warm and fuzzy and wear it too.

Case and point: I’ve never heard of Special Effect until now. Thanks to being on Steam, they got covered by journalists.

Special Effect is a charity based in Charlbury, England. They have been around since 2007, enabling disabled gamers to enjoy the games they love to play. You can learn more about them on their website or even donate to their cause. They are developing technology to allow people even with the most severe physical disabilities such as using eye control among others.