So Here’s the New Stuff from the First Batch of Soul Sacrifice...

So Here’s the New Stuff from the First Batch of Soul Sacrifice DLC

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The first set of the Soul Sacrifice DLC is now available in the PlayStation Store and along with the two quest/boss add-ons is a title update with more changes. Sony was gracious enough to offer all of these for free so I went ahead and played it to check what’s new with the game.

Facebook and Twitter Integration. You can now post on Facebook or Twitter your accomplishments once a day. Give your friends another reason to block/restrict you in exchange for Lacrima. Totally worth it.



New Mode: Otherworldly Memories. I haven’t tried this mode yet but I got the screenshot of the description. #TAMAD



Camera Speed Options. As we said in our review, one minor fault of the game is the slow camera movement and that there is no option to change it. That is not true anymore.



DLC Boss Quest: Behemoth. It’s a fucking tree. And he poisoned my ass. :(



DLC Boss Quest: Dullahan. He is a big Knight that has a big chain-whip with his big head at the end. Badass.



These are the major additions and changes I’ve noticed. I don’t know if there are new spell rewards as I haven’t even beaten them because the people I play with are afraid of the new archfiends and they acknowledge I’m the only one who can beat them.