*RUMOR*: NeoGAF “Insider” Confirms PS4 Launch for October, Other Xbox One Details

*RUMOR*: NeoGAF “Insider” Confirms PS4 Launch for October, Other Xbox One Details

If you haven’t been up on your forum history (read: you are lucky enough to have a life outside the Internet), you may not be familiar with NeoGAF user “crazy buttocks on a train” and his bold, accurate predictions on everything next-gen over the past couple of months. Affectionately dubbed “CBOAT” by the forum populace, the rarely-active account has apparently been used in the past to “leak” information in the past, with a very high accuracy rate on his predicitions.

His latest cryptic post confirms what quite a few retail employees have been leaking on various spaces of the internet over the past couple of weeks: that the PlayStation 4’s launch will happen late-October (some have October 25th pegged down as the magic date). And being the generous leaker and so-called Microsoft insider that he is, he’s also spilled some juicy bits about the Xbox One’s own imminent launch, which we’re definitely branding as rumors for now.

Right below is a “translated” version of the original, borderline-unintelligible post.

Greetings from the land of beer and bratwurst and weird porn! Got here a little while ago and tired so I’m dropping this early. Then bed, then visiting some churches and friends, then work meetings stuff and then I’ll see how the game floor is later on this week.


No live stream for real reasons. Xbone architecture is still not full complete. The latest version of the SDK from a couple weeks ago dropped performances by 15-20 percent across the board. Now before you get mad at me this happens ALL THE TIME in console development and it will eventually be fixed but there’s no chance for an early October release or…


… certainly not for all 21 countries. Localization is absolute one hundred percent BS. TRUTHFACT. The excuses are some that nobody with common sense would consider. Look at the countries dropped. Cross references them against the languages being spoken [in them], official or otherwise in said countries. I said it yielded issues 2 months ago and the chicks have come home to roost. [something something Smartglass] Paying the price now.


Late October launch for PS4. Sony SDKs are ready. You could basically master your final version right now. Today, even!


If you thought people were mad about Bayonetta’s sequel going to WiiU you will be someone unhappy about what Microsoft is getting exclusively from Platinum. Other Japanese developers are in play but too, but Kamiya is the only one I can confirm. The game is not for North America or Europe, which makes no sense but whatever.


Big Park(?) killed their game. It was a MOBA. It’s dead. The whole studio is now focused on TV stuff. All the bes talent went to Big Tusk(?) or left MS entirely. Rare is still Kinect focused.

TRUTHFACT 6: New indie publishing policy is not set yet and probably won’t be until after launch.


September surprise early. I apologize in advance. Everything I saw over last 24 months said there was no chance of a kinectless SKU [to start]. Concrete decision up till now. However,

There are whispers that there will be a kinect optional SKU early next year, probably around March or April. There’s enough smoke around this that I didn’t want to wait until September to say it! We’ll have to wait for launch sales to see for sure.