PSA: Club Nintendo holding a 72-hour Luigi Sale

PSA: Club Nintendo holding a 72-hour Luigi Sale

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2013 is the Year of Luigi according to Nintendo, and they are celebrating with a 3-day sale on select Club Nintendo Rewards. That means you can redeem these items at almost half the original coin value. Coins are earned by registering games and game systems and/or answering surveys.

The sale is now ongoing and will last ’till March 19 at 11:59 PM PST (March 20 at 2:59 PM here).

Here is the list of discounted items:

Reversible Pouches – 150 coins
Mario & Luigi Greeting Cards – 200 coins
Wii Remote Holders – 200 coins
Wii Remote Wrist Strap Set – 250 coins
Classic Super Mario T-Shirt – 350 coins
Stylus & Game Card Case (Animal Crossing) – 350 coins

Hooray for Weegee! I’m gonna redeem some wrist straps now. Hehe.


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  • cheenacat

    I was able to redeem the classic t-shirt! Glad I hoarded points :yes