Opinion: Girl Gamer Branding and Why It Needs to Die a Miserable...

Opinion: Girl Gamer Branding and Why It Needs to Die a Miserable Death

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Okay, someone needs to say something about this. I have kept mum about this subject for a while now and I think it’s a good time to air out what I have kept to myself for a long time and screw all this political correctness and being polite. Because I HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this bullshit.

Do people really care about a person’s gender where gaming is concerned? This labeling of “girl gamer” has always bothered me ever since I started seeing it pop up in blogs and forums for the past few years. I always get this tingling, uncomfortable feeling when I see intelligent women label themselves as girl gamers, or when people refer to me as one.

A bit of a background on myself: I have played videogames since I was very little. This was primarily influenced by my three brothers who owned a Famicom back in the mid-80s. I was contented with my Donkey Kong double screen, but when I saw them playing Super Mario Bros. in full color I was forever converted to console gaming. Now, I have played mostly with my brothers and some neighbors (cartridge swapping) since way before, but nobody ever said anything about me being a girl who plays videogames; in fact I think nobody noticed at all. So fast forward to the last five years, why is this “gamer girl” term being thrown around all the time like it’s a novel concept?


Okay. Granted the number of girls playing games are considerably smaller than the male population, but does it really have to be sensationalized? I feel iffy about referring to myself as a “gamer girl” because I’ve seen it being thrown around by girls who play games and want to be noticed. I don’t know if it’s fair to generalize, but based on what I’ve seen these girls are usually the ones who blog about being gamers but are actually less concerned about games but more of wanting to be shoehorned into this label of being a gamer. Putting up Facebook statuses such as “Just got out of the bath, not even gonna put on clothes because I have a kingdom to save” is just freaking ridiculous (and totally attention whoring). I mean, just look at Instagram’s hashtag of #girlgamer and #gamergirl… you’ll get sick of selfies, cleavages and controller-licking chicks in less than a minute.

Seriously, why?
Seriously, why?

Don’t even get me started about Jessica Chobot as well. That girl is forever on my shit list because I think she paved the way for these gamer girl starlets to start pimping themselves in the internet and think that they are legit gamers just because they posted a picture of themselves licking a PSP. I am forever ashamed of you, Chobot. No amount of XBL online commentary / game review will redeem yourself or undo what you have done.

Another thing I’ve noticed with most of the “girl gamers”, is that they are usually defensive. They are perpetually mad and start imaginary arguments like “I’m a girl but I play Call of Duty / Halo / whatever crappy competitive mainstream shooter you play” in their blogs or social networks. Why is there a need to always say that you can play as well as guys? If you are good at fragging people, then that’s well and good, but what is this need to publicize?

A point I also want to bring forward is the “feminazi” articles that are usually popping up in game blogs to gather clicks from gamer girls and guys who make it their business to be mad for girls. I mean, some of these articles are so ridiculous, it makes me shrink when I read it. If you want examples, I won’t link them here for added traffic but you can visit our favorite Gawker blog and look for a certain author who has PH as her initials.

One good thing I am thankful for is that I am not alone in this observation. I know a bunch of girls who play games and discuss them intelligently (or sometimes salivate at how hot Dante is, let’s be real) and never had the need to call themselves gamer girls or post their cleavages with controllers hanging out of it. Thank God.

Bottom line, I think girls who label themselves as gamer girls are attention-starved chicks who just want to be patronized. Stop being so full of yourselves; let’s just play games and enjoy the hobby like everyone else. Just play and stop marketing yourselves because honestly, nobody cares (unless they are creepy white knights who just want to get in your pants).

  • StriderVM

    Because there is a market of possible virgin/nerd guys who will donate to any cause of such “Girl Gamers” that some guy gamers can only dream of. :(

  • StriderVM

    Because there is a market of possible virgin/nerd guys who will donate to any cause of such “Girl Gamers” that some guy gamers can only dream of. :(

    • 30lives

      Has anybody thought about “gamer girl” culture in the Philippines being parallel to stripper culture in America? The Amazon wishlists, the virginal followers; it’s eerily similar…

      • Eveel Mutagen

        I honestly didn’t know that this “gamer girl” issue existed in the Philippines O_O In our community (of gamers) everyone (male, female, gay, lesbian, monster, alien, or whatever) are treated the same way and are called gamers. If you want this issue to die, let it be. Like all the other issues out there, they just die out. If nobody talks about them then no one will even know what the hell that is.

        PS: I don’t know why I commented here O_O *gets pills* , now I’ll go back to playing some Riptide, and scaring the hell out of my buddies in TS3 :3

        • cheenacat

          Are you serious? This even started during the early MMO days and became rampant for the past 5 years. Must be nice to be part of your group though, if everyone is treated equally.

          I am going to disagree on your point though about not talking about issues. Better to have your voice heard and issues talked about than just turning a blind eye and let cancer eat away at your hobby :/

          Anyways, thanks for dropping by!

  • Amon Tuesdee

    Seriously guys? I can do this all day.

    WOW. And here I thought this webpage also knows how to be fair with comments. Mine just got deleted from your website. Butthurt much, guys?

    This is what I posted on it before you decided to delete it TWICE. I’m betting you’re going to delete this too, but what the heck.

    This is such an overdone topic. Posting about it again doesn’t really help with quashing the mentality. This tabloid-trash site only proves how bad it truly is by promoting sensationalist articles and encouraging a culture of stupid and aggressive. Sorry guys, but Kotaku already beat you to it; stop trying to pose as them.

    I bet a crapload of bucks that this article will do nothing but fuel a fire that does nothing but increase the number of said “gamer girls”. Sex sells, kids. That’s why this culture and/or mindset will never die. It’s simple marketing, pretty much the same way this article totes itself as pseudo-ethical while preying on supposed white knights and moral hypocrites.

    If you want to really stop the whole gamer girl mentality why not post more relevant material, like a counter-argument or an intelligent analysis of the subject rather than the annoying tirade that is this article. Or better yet, don’t post anything at all and let the entire issue die.

    I had so much hope for this website, but now it’s turning into common local media fare.

    • Amon Tuesdee

      I would like to apologize for my early behavior. It was insidious and I released some steam because I was personally offended by this article. I should have been more tact and I made the realization that sounding smart does not necessarily reflect a person’s intellectual prowess.

      Likewise I would like to request the author of this article to reciprocate in an educated, constructive manner.

      • Amon Tuesdee

        Now this is smart: posting a counter-statement while posing as me. Bravo, kids!

        If I’d apologize for something, I’m apologizing for not wanting to recant my initial statement. THIS is tabloid-trash: it’s overdone, overhyped and utterly pointless. If you guys want to make a difference, do smarter articles. Post about relevant stuff instead of the usual crap that only breeds dissent and rallies pitchfork-waving people towards a dumb goal.

        I’m calling this website trash right now because it is. It’s full of nothing but Kotaku reposts, weaboo crap and community-level flamebait. If this is the last bastion of sanity as the writers claim it to be, then I weep for our species.

        • Amon Tuesdee

          Please guys, I need my meds. Forgive me.

          • Lolipopper

            Mirror match!


        • cheenacat

          Just to be fair, we don’t repost anything from Kotaku.

        • mrslash

          Hey buddy,

          Thanks for your feedback (strong words). We’ll take them into consideration in our future posts. But if we’re going for a tit-for-tat exchange of who can disprove this and that, I’d really rather not waste any energy on this. I think all points were made a midst the funny bi-polar exchanges of Posi-Amon and Nega-Amon.

          Enjoy the rest of the day. I’ve got to finish my backlog of games before the next generation happens.

        • mafty

          I, for one, don’t mind more articles about this. It encourages more discussion instead of just letting the noise die down (as you have suggested) and turning it into an invisible nasty monster that nobody wants to talk about but continues to affect people.

          On the topic: it’s basically an opinion piece. It doesn’t really disguise itself as something groundbreaking that aims to solve the entire issue in one fell swoop. What it does is to bring to light the voice of an actual female (always more relevant than some white-knighting douche or a misogynistic dork) who has a bone to pick against the so-called “girl gamers” and the negative connotations that they bring to the table.

          But what I do find stupid is you coming in here, saying you were hoping for a more intelligent discourse about the matter and proceed to lay down the insults all in one post just because you don’t agree with it. Did you honestly expect that you were going to be taken seriously after what you said?

          • cheenacat

            Maffy, I appreciate your reply. That is true, I am not claiming that the piece will solve the issue but I am hoping that more people will think about this because it is getting out of hand. One thing that I truly care about is gaming and I don’t want to see it being exploited by girls who claim to be gamers just to make a quick buck / satisfy their narcissism.

            Thank you very much!

    • cheenacat

      Hi there.

      We actually have no idea what you are harping about, re: deleting comments. We were experiencing DDoS attacks a while back so maybe that’s why your comment was not being posted. We don’t censor here, dude.


      I don’t really agree that this topic is overdone. There aren’t a lot of local blogs calling out these “gamer girls” so I believe that I had to write something about it. And actually if there are lots of people who’ve already written about this topic, then isn’t it good that it’s being expressed? Because this gamer girl trend has really got to die and people should realize why. Also, if there’s any blog that we would like to be compared to, Kotaku will certainly be the last, so don’t worry about us trying to cash on sensationalized crap. We don’t even make this blog our bread and butter so we don’t need to get hits via clickbaits, thanks.

      To be honest, I don’t really get your logic of this article producing more gamer girls. My objective in writing this is to call out these chicks who are really not gamers but more of just whoring themselves for attention. I understand the “Sex sells” concept, but really? Are you okay with being exploited like that? Because as a gamer, I feel sad about idiots trying to cash in on the hobby.

      But anyway, thank you very much for your feedback / suggestion. I realize that I am not as eloquent as compared to the other writers in this blog, but I will try to improve.


      • Amon Tuesdee

        A round of non-sarcastic applause: someone in this group of writers actually has some sense to reply in a logical manner! Well done, kid. I hope the other writers here parading as me had the foresight to do what you just did. Sadly, I don’t think any of them have gone past puberty yet.

        Insults aside, it truly is tiring to see these articles (more often than not written by women) and not offering a single shred of diversity by way of delivery. I’ve already bashed another local website for doing subpar writing, and it’s just fair that I criticize this article in the same manner.

        I can say in all honesty that this website had promise when it began. Sure it’s a blog, but when it finally reached this topic (which is about time, seeing as any gaming journalism blog out there has at least ONE article about pseudo gamer girls) I felt nothing but disappointment. It’s the same material, only with different sentence structures and perhaps a little bit updated to the trend. Regardless, still the same thing.

        Anyways, back on topic. Every time you talk about a particular topic and take a moral high ground on it, you attract two parties: the moral hypocrites, the ones who say they’re against it but in reality only does it because it gets them attention (I’d like to refer to them as black knights) and then you’ve got the morons defending the queens. These so-called white knights, or Alodia fanboys, feel the need to defend these gamer girls, saying they have brains and stuff and are actually gamers but cursed with good looks. I say both of these parties are stupid, yet this is the attention this article attracts.

        Look at how feminist blogs like The Mary Sue handle the gamer girl stereotype. It’s an unending crusade on their end, them being feminists, and I was hoping that the same would have been the case for this one seeing as you’re a girl AND a gamer.

        The tl;dr version would have to be this: now that you’ve done your rant, what can you do to resolve it? We already know these bimbos are just attention-starved kids and all that jazz, but what about you? How does this article educate or enrich people in said culture?

        This is what I mean about it increasing the number of gamer girls, because the community will brand them. You could have written a more informative analysis about it instead of driving the focus towards hate and blind aggression. The ones that will be reading your article are feminazis, fake intellectuals and white/black knights; you didn’t help anyone who was branded as a gamer girl.

        But hey, whatever brings in the hits, right?

        • cheenacat

          Again, thanks for your feedback. I will keep the points you have raised in mind. Actually, I have planned a second entry for the resolution of this topic.

          I would like to reiterate two points though: I am a girl and a gamer, yes, but I don’t have any interest in actually following feminist agenda / sites. I have just written what I’ve observed for a while now with regards to girl gamers and how I feel about being labeled as one.

          Second point: we don’t really care about bringing in the hits because we are actually not monetizing this site. Everything is funded out of our own pockets and we have no ambitions of raking in traffic / hits to earn anything.

          Just out of curiosity Amon, are you a girl?

          • Amon Tuesdee

            Looking forward to that second entry. And this is a shoutout to the jerks that posed as me earlier (I am definitely assuming they’re all socially-awkward males).

            I was also a writer for another local website a year back or so (I won’t disclose the name) and I know how it feels to write an article like this, only to receive the usual hypocritical backlash of opinions and witch-hunting. It’s a tough topic and I’ve been waiting for someone to do it right this time around. There are those that have been branded “gamer girls” or the like despite their excellence in their selected medium; the same goes with visual artists and musicians. I am sick of people giving extra attention to attractive girls who play video games, but more so to the case of the talented girl branded as a gamer girl just because she has the face (and no, that’s not Alodia).

            You complain about being labeled a gamer girl, so how would you break out of that mold? (and quite possibly help others do the same)

            With that said, you’re an intelligent person. I’m sure you can discern my gender based off this.

          • BassPlayerForRansom

            No need to hide behind your sock puppet Shin, I can smell your pseudo-intellectual bullshit from Makati =)) (assuming you still live with your mom in QC).

            Just curious; does that “another local website” know you were “also a writer” for them? Or are you still pretending being part of organizations (or bands, hohoho) just so, you know, you can act all cool and hip (like what you’re doing right now). HAHA

          • mrslash


          • Shin Corpuz

            What? There’s another ‘Shin’ who is Le Poseur? Wait, I only know one other ‘Shin’ in my… OMYYY!

          • Shin Cañete


            I’m Shin Canete, a game designer by trade, writer for Critical Index and Reimaru Files, and the purported author of a post here.

            I was informed by a concerned friend of mine who follows 30Lives that my name suddenly came up for no reason at all in this discussion. For posterity and in defense of my professional integrity, I’d like to give a disclaimer to the administrators of this webpage that I have had no knowledge of this prior to receiving said information, and am appalled at the state of this particular thread and the behavior of the person people claim to be me (if that truly is the case). Cheena’s post is a well-written and informative article that, sadly, has become swarmed with hateful commentary and the like, one of which people claim to be written by me.

            I am no stranger to the experience of being turned into a scapegoat either online or IRL, seeing as I’m a person with quite a history and one who likes to keep to himself. But it truly is confusing to find out that there are individuals that still hold grudges against me and would assume that material like this would be written by me. This is a personal off-topic matter, one which I will not pursue any further.

            I admit that I once was a writer for Back2Gaming, another local games journalism website, and it’s quite disturbing that this minute (albeit openly available) detail would lead people to believe that this particular post is easily mine. I would like to clarify to all concerned parties that it’s not, and it boils down to my word against anonymous individuals which I have no wish to be involved with any further.

            We at Reimaru Files and Critical Index have been avid supporters of 30Lives since their humble beginnings, and have even gone as far as to support them during their earlier campaigns. I as a core member would not even dream of stooping so low as to post derogatory comments against them, let alone hide behind anonymous accounts if I’m to say something. But for what it’s worth I would like to apologize for any untoward results my supposed doppelganger may have caused. Additionally, our webpage has also suffered the same derogatory attacks coming from Amon Tuesdee, which you can all view here: http://criticalindex.com/after-earth-deus-ex/#comments

            Cheena is an acquaintance from Level Up and via Facebook, and this article that she wrote stems from a deeply honest and opinionated mind, one that most people dare not write about. Keep it up, Cheena!

            Thank you, and more power to 30 Lives!

            ~ Shin Canete
            Writer, Critical Index

            P.S. To Amon Tuesdee, please get a life. I don’t know who you are or how sad your life is but seriously, stop being a jerk. We already threw you out of our site; don’t go plaguing another one.

            And to BassPlayerForRansom (who I think I dreadfully recognize), if I truly am the “Shin” you’re pertaining to (seeing as there are a number of Shins in this community), then I would like to point out that:

            1. I do not own a sock puppet,

            2. I have been living on my own for a little over eleven years now

            3. I’m a hermit that works from home. I don’t have organizations or bands, only small digital spaces I work in as part of the daily mortal grind.

            But for what it’s worth, hey man. Chill. That’s a lot of angst. Best get that checked before you pop a blood vessel.

          • Amon Tuesdee

            And with that, I’ll be riding off into the sunset (it’s 6 pm) on my trusty horse. Because I’m a hinete. *Tigidig tiidig*

  • Amon Tuesdee

    I am really sorry for the outburst. The only reason why I’m like this is I am a gamer girl myself but no one seems to acknowledge that even if I show excessive skin. Help.

  • Lolipopper

    Why don’t you guys do an article about the rise of the new meme-abusing gamerdouche subculture? You can use yourselves as examples!

  • Lolipopper

    While you’re at it, why don’t you guys also do an article about posting anonymously for people who have no guts and spine to face detraction? You can set me as an example!

    • Amon Tuesdee

      Why didn’t I think of this before? Oh right, because that’s dumb.

  • Amon Tuesdee

    It doesn’t change the fact that this website is a cancer that boasts elitism without yielding anything substantial. I’ve yet to see INTELLIGENT and UNIQUE articles, children! Better get at it before I romance you and beat up my girlfriend. I have a large e-peen after all, and I like to whack it around people’s online faces.

    • Amon Tuesdee

      Seriously guys, sorry for being schizo.

  • xfr4nc0x

    too tired to read. just commenting.

    • Yakiudon

      too tired to think about a stupid reply. just voted up.

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