Nuke the World: Custom Maid 3D Has a Penis Controller, Now Oculus...

Nuke the World: Custom Maid 3D Has a Penis Controller, Now Oculus Rift-compatible

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yikesIn the eternal war between console and PC gamers, I simply love the fact that Japan always ends up being the albatross around every PC gamers’ neck (or lack thereof). 2013’s “Oh Japan” Hall of Shame candidate may be its best yet: we just caught wind of a game called Custom Maid 3D, a visual novel/sex simulator with a few… interesting twists.

First off, the game comes bundled with a wireless peripheral (aptly?) called “Ju-C Air,” which (from what I understand) you use by sticking your wang into it (fellow BBCs need not apply; this game is proudly Made in Japan), and um, I guess playing along as the game accurately responds to your stroke game. I still don’t fully understand the controller’s mechanics so I included the JESUS CHRIST, NSFW trailer right above this post for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

The game’s other hook is full Oculus Rift support. That’s right — Hentai games will never be the same again. You too, can pound away at your pure moe princess’ untouched peach fuzz without an inkling of shame as your eyeballs will be fully glued to your Meido-chan’s still-developing privates. Scratch that, it’s from Japan — land of the pixelated punani. Well that’s an immersion killer: you’d think a company making games about porking sexualized depictions of toddlers would go full-rogue and include a code to remove all the mosaic.

Sadly, despite our best attempts we have yet to procure a copy of Custom Maid 3D, so we’re going to have to do the next best thing and direct you to a NeoGAF user’s impressions of the game. Yikes. No further comments.