#Nintendoomed: Nintendo Making Free Mini-Games for iOS, Android Devices

#Nintendoomed: Nintendo Making Free Mini-Games for iOS, Android Devices

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Now that our abrasive hashtag has your attention, on to some real news: according to a recent report from Nikkei, Nintendo will announce this week that they will start creating content for iOS and Android devices, in the form of free promotional mini-games, apps, and trailers for upcoming releases. #Nintendoomed they are not, this doesn’t mean that the company is heading towards the mobile game ghetto¬†but it does make for some interesting headlines, doesn’t it?

Sharp readers may remember that Nintendo, by way of The Pokemon Company, released several Pokemon-related apps for smartphones, acting in a similar fashion as promotional tools.¬†Sony in particular has been doing very well with their PlayStation app for smartphones, which one would imagine be Nintendo’s template for success in this sort of venture.

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