Nintendo eShop Update: 6/20/2013

Nintendo eShop Update: 6/20/2013

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What’s up Nintendo folks! Finally, we see a major release for the Wii U this week. Read below to find out what else is new aside from the green cap.

Wii U:

  • Download version for Super Luigi U is now available in the eShop. Retail version is going to be available on August 25th in North America. Why? We don’t know! Good news though; buy it now and you’ll earn double coins in your Club Nintendo account. Also, you can earn more with the game survey questionnaire until August 1st, so it probably is a sweet deal… maybe.
  • I said I would buy a Wii U for this game but alas, no price cut announcement yet. Game and Wario is available for digital download on Sunday (probably Monday here in the Philippines), June 23rd.
  • Sale stuff! Little Inferno at $4.99 until the 26th!
  • Virtual Console releases: Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew (two of my favorite NES games) are up. Couple it with the $0.99 Yoshi game and you have a solid retro gaming night right there.


Nintendo 3DS:

  • The guys here are bummed that Project X Zone got a retail release while Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies is still fighting for its life. Well, I’m still excited so whatever guys! Have you reserved your copy yet? We’ll see it on the shelves this June 25th (Wednesday)
  • There’s also LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey for the kids, also on the 25th.
  • Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo for only $3.99 until July 8th!
  • There’s the second Guild02 game, BUGS vs. TANKS! and this gets my buy for the week.
  • New release: Farming Simulator 3D
  • Virtual Console releases: Defenders of Oasis, Megaman 6, Sonic Blast, and Tails Adventure
  • DSi Ware release: Rhythm Core Alpha 2

I am completing the Guild02 games although they will probably go on sale like the first set :( But whatever! Going to split some playtime on BUGS vs. TANKS! and Animal Crossing: New Leaf this weekend.

  • Bernard Julius Paje

    Yoshi for Wii U is just $0.30, not $0.99.