Nintendo eShop Update: 3/28/2013

Nintendo eShop Update: 3/28/2013

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The list is pretty short this week and there’s even nothing to look forward to for Wii U, but there’s two fantastic games that you shouldn’t miss!

  • HarmoKnight, the rhythm action game by Pokémon developer Game Freak is out! Jump and attack to the beat to save Melodia from the nasty invaders.  The game is $14.99 and is only available digitally.
  • Legend of the River King is a very unique RPG about fishing.  Go Pokémon on its ass and collect different types of fish and evolve them to find the elusive Mystical Guardian Fish.
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is now available digitally through the eShop
  • Resident Evil Revelations can also be bought digitally

If you missed the system update, do so now, system enhancements plus new stuff for the Mii Plaza and your camera.  There’s also Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mega Man 3 available a few weeks back so get them if you haven’t!

A team review of HarmoKnight will be up soon so look forward to it.