Nightmare Busters — the First New SNES Game in 15 Years —...

Nightmare Busters — the First New SNES Game in 15 Years — Now Shipping!

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Alright trivia fans! What was the last Super NES game ever released in the system’s storied history? If you answered Konami’s Frogger (1998), then you… probably looked it up on Google. As of today, you’re also wrong. The Super Fighter Team, who previously brought us Beggar Prince for the Sega Genesis, has announced that they are shipping out copies of Nichibutsu’s unreleased SNES gem Nightmare Busters to fans who pre-ordered via their official channels and Kickstarter.

I’ve always had a soft spot for obscure prototypes whenever they’re released, and Nightmare Busters definitely qualifies as one. Originally slated for release back in 1994, the game was shelved indefinitely, and at least the SNES version of the game never saw the light of day until 2007, when it was found, traded for and eventually copied released as a reproduction cartridge. Oddly enough, this charming platformer somehow found its way to J2ME-enabled handsets in the cut-down form called Flynn’s Adventures, released by a company called In-Fusio in 2004. Kinda makes you think—how many other unreleased games eventually made their way out through less-glorious channels?