The New XBOX Sports Mystery Stripes

The New XBOX Sports Mystery Stripes

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It has been reported by several sources that the new XBOX console (dubbed Durango) is adorned with ‘go-faster’ stripes.  Review units sent out to different gaming news sites and publications claim that the Durango unit has black and white intersecting stripes on the console’s body.  It is possible that the stripes are different on each unit to prevent reviewers from sharing and for Microsoft to pinpoint right away on who leaked pictures, if ever.  Others speculate that the stripes on the console’s body may be a visual anchor point for Kinect controllers.

Durango is being prepped to be announced on a special event this April to counter Sony’s recent announcement of the PlayStation 4 according to some sources.  News reports also say that EA will be announcing an exclusive partnership with Microsoft for the Durango in said event.

Mmmm, alliances.

Source: MTV UK