Super Robot Wars – Masoukishin 3: Pride of Justice Trailer Goes LIVE

Super Robot Wars – Masoukishin 3: Pride of Justice Trailer Goes LIVE

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Super Robot Wars (SRW) games sure are coming at breakneck speed these days. Just yesterday we announced and previewed the 1st trailer for Super Robot Wars Operation Extend (SRWOE) for PSP/PS Vita. Today Namco Bandai (Namdai/Bamco to some) released ANOTHER trailer for another SRW game, Super Robot Wars OG Saga – Masoukishin 3: Pride of Justice for the PS3/PS Vita. Unlike traditional SRW games, the robots and characters that appear in this game are purely original creations from Bamco subsidiary Banpresto. Eventually they gained so much popularity in Japan (and Asia) that many SRW anime were created and the rest was history.

The 1st game in the series, Masoukishin: The Lord of Elemental was released for the SNES in 1996 and was eventually rebranded as “SRW OG Saga – Masoukishin: The Lord of Elemental”, ceremoniously re-released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. This DS remake was ported yet again, this time in the limited edition package of its sequel, Masoukishin 2: Revelation of Evil God that was launched for the PSP in 2012.

Masoukishin, despite being a SRW game is an entirely new world, a side-story featuring the antics of its main protagonist, Masaki Andoh, who constantly appeared in mainstream SRW games as early as SRW2 for the SNES in 1991. Eventually, original characters from other SRW games were made, and they were so numerous that Banpresto mashed them all together, including Masaki into yet another new series of games: SRW Original Generations, and were branded as the SRW OG Saga. Unlike the traditional SRW games that features characters from actual mecha anime, 2 OG Saga games found its way to America in 2006 thanks to Atlus.

Masoukishin 3 is coming out on August 22, 2013 and will be priced 7,480 Yen for the PS3 and 6,480 Yen for the PS Vita as a digital download. First print copies of the game will include a DLC that will grant players an additional skin for the mecha Valshione.