Level-5 Games on Sale in Nintendo eShop

Level-5 Games on Sale in Nintendo eShop

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Own a 3DS? Want some cheap, quality games to play with? You’re in luck! Level-5, makers of truly awesome games like Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest 8, and Jeanne D’Arc, is discounting their Guild01 games on the Nintendo eShop.  Starting today April 18th (in the US) until May 30, you can enjoy the following games in dirt cheap prices:

  • Shoot-em-up game Liberation Maiden can now be bought for $4.99
  • Aero Porter, a sim airport game, is now at $2.99
  • And for all D&D freaks out there, Crimson Shroud is now only at $4.99

There’s a mysterious black box floating around in Level-5’s website which we only hope will herald the Guild02 games release in North America soon.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks to reader Miguel for correcting me on the release date.