Jobber Promotion: Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV

Jobber Promotion: Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV

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Not gonna lie; still a Final Fantasy fan. Even though I was pretty much heartbroken at the end of Final Fantasy 13, and did not even bother to finish Final Fantasy 13-2 (Serah, zzz), I am still looking forward to a numbered Final Fantasy title. I am, and forever will remain, a Japanese RPG gamer, yo. So color me excited when news of Final Fantasy Versus XIII broke in E3! The game is now renamed (or promoted) to an actual standalone Final Fantasy title as Final Fantasy XV. Behold, actual game play video!


The battle system looks like it’s going to be more of real-time action combat since one of the more noticeable things in the video is that the ATB gauge is not present anymore. Also, the environment reacts to the actions of the characters in the game (everything seems to be destructible) so it makes more sense to use this to support the active combat of the game. What is also interesting is that your party members can sometimes take part in the attacks to support you and makes for a more interactive type of play (even if you’re just nolifing the game by yourself, lol). In the video, it looks like lead character Noctis can use various weapons (as seen on the bottom left part of the user interface), and can also use warp skills while attacking. Sweet.

A lot of people have hated Tetsuya Nomura (character designer of popular Square titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) for always giving the characters some wild hairstyle or flashy jewelry, but I totally dig the design for Final Fantasy XV. Looks like he toned down with the spiky hairstyle and the flamboyant silvers, but you can still see his signature style which makes for effeminate but extremely good-looking men in game. WANT.

Altair totally using his blending skills to jump into a new game

After the announcement of the game being available for the green guys (XBOX One), PlayStation fanboys all went home and cried their eyeballs to sleep. No seriously though, how could you expect it to stay exclusive when Final Fantasy 13 already got released for the XBOX 360? Just pray that the game will be well-received so we can enjoy more Final Fantasy games in the future. As for me, it will be day 1 buy for whatever next-gen console I will decide to get first.