Japan has a Portable SNES You Guys

Japan has a Portable SNES You Guys

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Okay retro freaks, we need someone to make this happen for North America.  Apparently, Japan has a handheld device called Poke Fami DX which can play SNES carts and can be upgraded to play Famicom, Genesis and Gameboy Advance games with adapter attachments.  This beaut has a 3.5″ screen display for on-the-go play and has an adapter attachment for a second play controller.

Full package includes the system, adapter, controller, connector, AV cable, stand and other accessories.  The console can also work on batteries (lithium) so you can bring it anywhere.  I know, it will not really work in NA because we can all get the PSN / XBL / eShop game releases anyway but, but… it’s so damn cool, you guys.


  • I think I’ve seen this around akihabara when I was there. Will pick up a unit if I ever go back *sniff sniff*

    • can only play JP carts though! tell me when you come back, i need some DQ stuff! hahaha

      • SNES carts does not have software region locking. The only thing preventing a SFC cart to play on an SNES console is the plastic casing that houses the cartridge. So, the right adapter attachment will play it.

  • StriderVM

    Is this 100% legal? Serious question. :)

    • 30lives

      Trademarks have already expired on the SNES hardware, so it’s legal to make hardware clones IIRC

  • 30lives

    There’s already something like this for NA regions – http://hyperkin.com/supaboy-portable-pocket-snes-console.html/