Impressions: Four Game Streetpass Bundle (3DS)

Impressions: Four Game Streetpass Bundle (3DS)

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I was updating my Streetpass Plaza software last Saturday morning when suddenly a rabbit popped out of nowhere and started peddling me new and fun games to make Streetpass more exciting and playable.  The rabbit (with a tablet) started brainwashing, I mean, started showing me pictures of this new game called Monster Manor where you and SP’d pals try to uncover the mysteries of the manor by finding new hallways, rooms, items (and ghosts!) inside.  It’s Find Mii made better, so I told the rabbit, yeah why not? Let’s buy the game!

He eventually showed me three more games and said that if I buy it now I can get one for free, and when I came to, I found out that I charged my credit card $15.00 and had the four games bundle downloading in my 3DS (which you cannot download during while the 3DS is asleep).

You and your marketing, Nintendo.

Anyway, that’s not to say that I’m regretting the purchase. In fact, the games are all very good and fun to play. Indeed, it makes Streetpass-ing more fun as you have tons of stuff to look forward to at the end of the day!

miiforce1The first game I played was Mii Force which is developed by Good-Feel. It’s a bullet hell-lite game for casual Nintendo folks. The premise of the game is that you are a squad leader of the space police patrolling the peaceful galaxy, when suddenly the Bone Gang appeared to terrorize planets under your protection. It is up to you to recruit space cadets who will help you defeat the gang in a side-scrolling shooter game in bite-sized stages.

What makes it fun is that your recruited Streetpass pals have different arsenal that you can customize your main ship with. Some of the weapons I have encountered so far are fire, lasers and bombs but you can actually assign them either as your main weapons on the front or as a power up at the back.

Next is Flower Town by GREZZO. To be honest, this seems to be the weakest game out of the bundle as there is not a lot of fun stuff to do in it. The game is about a town of horticulturists trying to one-up each other by raising the nicest flowers their clay pots can produce. Your Streetpass friends help you out in the form of watering your flower pots to grow them or pollinating your plants, among other things. You have a journal to document your plant’s progress as well as a mentor named Mr. Mendel who teaches you neat stuff about plants now and then. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I guess it’s a relaxing break from all the battling space aliens, ghosts and whatnot on the other games. Treat it as your freebie game from the pack, if you decide to buy all of them.

warriorsway1Warrior’s Way by Spike Chunsoft is a military strategy game. You play as a ruler of a kingdom and you build a castle of your choice (shogun, medieval or futuristic) with your trusty butler, Wentsworth. In this game, you have to build your kingdom by getting troops from your Streetpass friends to fight for you and conquer nearby lands or other monarchs that you meet. Each Streetpass will net you more troops depending on their Mii Plaza population.

The game’s core mechanic is rock-paper-scissors. Basically, there are three warrior classes (cavalry, archers and pikemen) which are stronger than the other, as well as weaker from another class. When you go into a battle, you divide your troops accordingly and command them to fight your enemy. The classes will only be revealed when you finally attack and your casualties will depend whether your troops are stronger than the enemy’s. Some maps have resources that you can use to upgrade your castle. I am not sure what the upgrades are for yet though as I’ve only done it once. Oh, also, you can only invade once per game session or until you get a new bunch of people in your plaza.

monstersmanor1Last of the bunch is Monster Manor by PROPE which plays very much like Find Mii. You are the owner of a detective agency and you investigate a mysterious manor with your detective employee. Everytime you Streetpass someone, you will be able to receive a puzzle piece which unlock parts of the manor that you can explore. Straight lines form a hallway and if you form a square or bigger in your map, this will become a room. Rooms are special because you can get special items that can aid you in your investigation like weapons. Ghosts are weak to various types of weapons so you can mix and match and play their weaknesses.

Another good thing about the bundle is the introduction of the plaza ticket. Completing stuff in the games rewards you with plaza tickets that you can exchange for cool headgears for your Mii in the exchange booth that you can find in your plaza. So far, I got the fire flower, super mushroom, 1 Up mushroom and the star.

All the Streetpass games use the Play Coins also so you can hire extra people to play with, like in Find Mii. Better stock up on Play Coins and bring your 3DS everywhere so you can have more people to play with (as well as earn some coins). This is one feature of the 3DS which makes it fun to bring around. My poor Vita sits on my desk at home while the 3DS gets around. Sony, you better pick up the pace.

My favorite among the four is Mii Force because it is the most “playable” out of the bunch and feels like a real game. The gimmick of Streetpassing people works well with the game as each person has unique weapons that you can use to your advantage. The new Streetpass games cost $4.99 a piece, but you can get all four for $14.99 as its introductory bundle price. This bundle offer is only available upon buying your first game. If you pass up on it and decide to only buy one, you cannot get the bundle price anymore. My suggestion: get all of it with your free $30 eShop credits from registering Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV tomorrow. Enjoy and hope to Streetpass you soon!