Get your Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Spells Here!

Get your Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Spells Here!

3 2424

Happy Sunday, gamers!

The guys at the PS Blog sacrificed (heh) their time to give players free DLC offerings (spells) for Soul Sacrifice. If you’re still on the fence about buying the game then our official review might tip you over.

Here are 4 voucher codes redeemable via the North American PSN Store — meaning your PS Vita needs to have a US/Canadian PSN account associated with it.

AFTER you redeem the codes, launch the game then choose Librom > Network > Peddler > Claim Gift to add the spells to your inventory.

Note: These codes are redeeemable multiple times so feel free to share to other Soul Sacrifice players. Sony will disable the codes probably next week.

Spirits’ Storm Pinion

Soul Sacrifice: Spirits Storm Pinion

Bird feather provided by the Thunder spirits (Attributes: Volt)



Spirits’ Viviblossom

Soul Sacrifice: Spirits Viviblossom

Flower of Healing provided by the Spirits (Attributes: Renew)



Spirits’ Blazestone

Soul Sacrifice: Spirits Blazestone

Ball provided by the Fire Spirits (Attributes: Heat)



Spirits’ Frostblade

Soul Sacrifice: Spirits Frostblade

Ice blade provided by the Ice spirits (Attributes: Frost)


Source: PS Blog

  • Viviblossom is not in the pre-order card

    • Shin

      The spells are useless on higher levels anyway.

  • Ryokiyoshi

    As 3 December 2013 3/4 code still working only fire one dont work.