Get a Double Dose of Suikoden: Suikogaiden Vol. 2 (PSX) and Suikoden...

Get a Double Dose of Suikoden: Suikogaiden Vol. 2 (PSX) and Suikoden Card Stories (GBA) Fan Translations Out!

The Suikoden games seem to have a very active, loyal fanbase that truly appreciates the series and rewards Konami with fairly modest (not blockbuster) sales. What does Konami do to thank that fanbase? Let the IP sit out the rest of this console generation, never to be mentioned again, of course! In response to the criminal lack of Suikoden games from the publisher, a small group of these fans have formed translation groups, bringing you a few obscure Japan-only entries to the series. It’s a good thing this particular fanbase is a lot more creative than that of other RPGs, otherwise we’d be stuck with crappy fan-made films up the wazoo.

Suikogaiden is a two-part spinoff released only in Japan (obviously) starring Nash Latkje, a former noble from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, embarking on a coming-of-age quest of sorts. A group simply calling themselves the “Suikogaiden Translation Project” released Vol. 2 today, which should make a bunch of you crack some smiles. I haven’t had the time to play through Vol. 1 when it was released last March, so being able to blast through both volumes of this epic visual-novel sidestory should be a treat.

Gensō Suikoden Card Stories is a little more interesting, historically: it’s one of the first few games released on the Game Boy Advance and was also released as a physical CCG. The game takes place in some weird non-canon version of the Suikoden II timeline where bloody military battles are deemed passé and glory on the battlefield is decided through the intellectual staple of… card battles.