Freedom Wars Philippine Release Date Announced!

Freedom Wars Philippine Release Date Announced!

Freedom Wars, SCE Japan Studio’s interesting action-RPG hybrid with a Foucauldian twist, will receive a local release via Sony’s official retail partners on June 26th for the price of PhP2499, coinciding with its Japanese release. The interesting bit about this news is that we’ll apparently be getting the Japanese-language version on launch, with a completely different launch for the Chinese-language version to follow in August. Not sure what this means for us indios who deal strictly in Latin-based alphabets, but we’ve contacted Sony to clarify.

Maybe there’s a stealth English translation on the Japanese release we don’t know of? Japanese-release games having a complete English translation on launch isn’t that far-fetched; the first three Phoenix Wright re-releases had dual language on the Japanese carts, for instance. Anyway, press release follows after the cut!

PlayStation®Vita Exclusive “Recapture” Multi-play Action Title
 “FREEDOM WARS” Japanese Version to be released on 26th
Chinese version will be out this August

Philippines, 26th May 2014

Philippines, 26th May 2014 — Singapore Branch announced today that PlayStation®Vita exclusive Recapture Multi-play Action title “FREEDOM WARS (Japanese version)” will be released on 26th June 2014 at the price of PHP 2,499 and Chinese version is coming out in this August. More details will be announced later.


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