First Dragon Quest VIII iOS Footage Surfaces, Looks… Not So Good

First Dragon Quest VIII iOS Footage Surfaces, Looks… Not So Good

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Although some apprehensions have been raised about the feasibility of Dragon Quest VIII making it to mobile devices, it looks like Square Enix has actually pulled off what seemed to be the impossible, and now have a final working build of the game ready for public consumption. The company has released a teaser video of their progress, in the form of a Square Enix representative playing the game on what appears to be an iPhone 5S. After reviewing the footage, all we can say is… yikes.

So what makes us so squeamish about this footage? Let us count the ways:

  • The framerate appears to be very low; and that’s on a phone that’s barely half a year-old. This will probably run like chop city on my iPhone 5. What really worries me is that this is supposedly the final version of the game, ready to ship.
  • It took about nine seconds from initial loading to landing on an actual menu screen during a battle. Not good; Dragon Quest has always been known for its brisk battles. Granted VIII was an exception to this, but still, this is a mobile title meant to be played in quick bursts where brevity is always appreciated.
  • I actually like the fact that the game is played in portrait mode, but controlling the camera and menu actions appeared to be cumbersome even for what’s supposed to be a cleaned-up promotional video.

“Blah blah blah, let’s wait for the game to acually ship before reserving judgment,” right? I don’t know, man—this promo video doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. At all.