Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series Kickstarter Shut Down

Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series Kickstarter Shut Down

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So, were any of you legitimately looking forward to Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series? Yes? Good, because Square Enix C&D’ed it and we don’t have to hear any more about this awful project anymore. For the uninitiated, the Kickstarter was aiming to raise a lofty $400,000 essentially to take a giant dump on Square Enix’ intellectual property, and the company rightfully and understandably asked Kickstarter to shut it down. Signing their final update as ‘President Shinra,’ the series creators noted “[they’re] in the process of opening up discussions with the team regarding the ongoing status of our project and hopefully the continuation of our Kickstarter campaign.”

I hold no sense of nostalgia for Final Fantasy VII, so I’m neither happy nor enraged at this piece of news. What does tickle my skittle however is Schadenfreude, which can be found on the campaign creators’ Facebook page. Because, um… yes, it makes total sense: Square Enix taking down your project from Kickstarter means that they will fund your vanity project.


  • Shin Corpuz

    No wonder Squenix killed it with fire — Aeris looked like a dude in drag.

    • mrslash

      I agree.