Everquest’s SOEmote Tech is Awesome!

Everquest’s SOEmote Tech is Awesome!

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Here is a video of Everquest Director of Development, David Georgeson, explaining and showing us what SOEmote is all about.

So basically SOEmote is a face-tracking technology that will allow a webcam to track your facial movements and relay that movement to your Everquest character/toon/avatar or whatever. You don’t ever need to press a hotkey or type things like “/sad”, “/laugh”, or “/emowrist”. Everything is done automatically. It also has a voice filter so your voice will sound like whatever race you pick as your avatar. Georgeson explains that this will bring back the “RP” in MMORPG.

It’s still in beta so it’s a little rough around the edges but even in this state it looks pretty awesome. Upcoming next-gen sequel Everquest Next will utilize the technology in its complete form but the current Everquest game (Everquest II) has been updated to have the feature right now.


Cool stuff right there.

Here’s another video showcasing the characters and environments in Everquest Next.