Enjoy Some Chocobo Latte at the Artnia Cafe

Enjoy Some Chocobo Latte at the Artnia Cafe

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Are you in Japan, or planning to visit Japan, anytime soon? Drop by the Artnia Cafe to enjoy some chocobo latte (since coffee foam art is pretty big now) with your stack of pancakes for only 600 yen.

cafe_cooktail_materia_blueThey also have original cocktails based on materia and summons from the different Final Fantasy games.  The materia ones are actually pretty interesting and I might just give it a try at home.  Freeze some lime juice!

There are also non-alcoholic HP and MP boosting drinks made from soda, honey and mint for all of you non-drunkards.  Food in Japan is always so very pretty! Those strawberry pancakes look glorious and yummy at the same time, I can’t deal.

Source: Artnia Menu