CBOAT Returns: More Xbox One Leaks/Rumors, Selling Digital Games a Possibility?

CBOAT Returns: More Xbox One Leaks/Rumors, Selling Digital Games a Possibility?

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Yep, it’s a slow news day so we’re reporting on rumors. After infamous NeoGAF “leaker” crazy buttocks on a train (sic) rightfully got chastised for missing the mark on his PlayStation 4 launch prediction, the alleged Microsoft employee broke his silence today, revealing a few new avenues that Microsoft is pursuing with the Xbox One, including a potential program for reselling digital games, which would change the tide for consumers and cut out retail outlets such as GameStop of a lucrative source of income. As always, we’re marking these tips as hard rumors.

Here’s a rough translation of the poster’s usual cryptic text. What do you guys think? Leaks, or more speculative guesses disguised as such?

Back home now. Yay >_<

Apologies for the late October no show for the PS4. I heard it was that, but Sony is not my strong suit. It happens. Call 1800BUTOCXS for a refund of your money. ;)

Seriously, I am sorry though.

Xbox One November 8th hahaha no. Saw the Kotaku article, then retraction. That’s ok. I could have told them November 8th was a pipe dream. I know MS Better than SCEA haha.

  • Xbox One CS Representitives are being called in for November 15th
  • These are contractual reps, not ones that actually work for MS.
  • New CS software implemented for November 15th with support for the Xbox One
  • Called “Assisted Support Desktop”
  • Anti-phishing stuff to make it hard for scammers to call in about account info that isn’t theirs. If the customer doesn’t have an e-mail or a phone number to associate with the account, xbone reps will have to tell the caller to eff off.
  • I wish I had access to Sony CS 3 weeks ago.

Do you want to sell your digital games? OH NO I ONLY REPORT BAD NEWS FOR XBONE!

     For the following questions please assume that Microsoft Xbox One will offer a digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games.

New digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games:

  • This will be available through the systems’ premium subscription service (such as Xbox Live Gold/Playstation Plus)
  • You will have the ability to purchase and sell pre-owned digital video games.
  • You will have the ability to sell back/trade in your versions of digital games you have purchased.
  • You will have the ability to buy pre-owned digital versions of games through the online marketplace.
  • You will have a variety of prices and features available to purchase for pre-owned digital versions of games.
  • All transactions will take place via digital downloads/transfers within your next generation gaming system’s digital store.
  • New full game digital downloads will still be available, as will physical (disc) versions sold at retail stores/websites.
  • Pre-owned disc versions of games will be able to be played on the next generation gaming system for free.
  • There will be a marketplace service fee charged to the seller when they sell a digital version of a game.

And from a follow-up post:

To clarify, because some folks are reading it incorrectly and god forbid I post and enjoy Germany only to be yelled at by top internet men about getting things wrong.


Digital resale is collating survey information! Not set in stone, but a direction to look at? Xbox One doing a good thing? It’s Impossible!

Okay, see you in 2014