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golion11You don’t have to be an erudite when it comes to Voltron… almost everyone and their mom knows who he is, but you do have to be a weeaboo to know his original Japanese name… Golion.

Hyakujuu Ou Goraion (百獣王ゴライオン) or the King of Beasts Golion aired way back in 1981 in Japan, where it eventually got extremely edited and released Stateside in 1984 as Voltron: Defender of The Universe. This lions Voltron was considered the first season, succeeded by the 15-vehicle Voltron based from Kikou Kantai Dairaga XV (機甲艦隊ダイラガーXV) or Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.

Although plenty of Voltron toys have been released over the years, this latest incarnation, the Dream EX Gokin Goraion by Chinese company Tong Meng EX, is apparently the one that caught my eye the most. I’m a fan of SD (super-deformed) robots so this little guy was a definite instabuy, a supplementation to the popular ES Gokin toys, a series of SD robots by a joint collaboration of Hong Kong-based Action Toys and distributed by Japanese company Art Storm.


Let’s begin with the outer packaging. The box is quite small, typical of your average-sized ES Gokin boxes (approximately 7 x 10). It doesn’t shy away from showing off the figure’s gimmicks. You can tell based on the pictures that lots of love was put to the design on the packaging alone, it even has metallic stamping on the name.

20130710_005003    20130710_005324

Once you open it, the contents reveal to be the 5-6 inch tall figure, complete with 3 variations of the Ju Ou Ken (Blazing Sword), 3 different faces, a shield and a display stand which also has its name on it. A small manual depicting the figure’s features is included.

You can easily appreciate whatever effort and care was put into this product despite being an abrupt imitation of the ES Gokin toy packaging. Not that it’s a bad thing in this case.

golion5    golion6

Neatly wrapped in plastic, the figure is visibly protected. The faces come with a smile/smirk, an open-mouthed mode (typical of Golion, his mouth is usually open in the tv shows for no reason) and a simple tight-lipped expression. Normally, any Golion fan would use the “open mouth” face as the default. Each face has a magnet inside of it, and once you position it unto Golion’s head, it will stick into its proper place with minimal effort. Ingenious.

The figure is 70% diecast metal, yet it’s very lightweight. It basically mimics the feel of any of the smaller-tier ES Gokin toys. Golion also boasts around 30 points of articulation, and that’s very impressive for a little guy.

Watch me attempt to (poorly) make this toy Golion mimic his most iconic poses in the opening sequences of the anime, using the 3 different variations of the Ju Ou Ken included in the package:

 voltronblazingThis pose is where Golion materializes the Ju Ou Ken from his “hands”. Clasping them together then stretching his arms, a blinding flash appears. The makers of this toy cleverly designed a special “blazing flash only” version of the sword, to which you can insert it unto both Red and Green Lions’ mouths. This pose is easily one of my favorites, and is highly praised/ppreciated by fans and reviews in Chinese toy forums.

voltronblazing2Once the light dissipates, the sword appears, being held by the right hand (Red Lion), and the Green Lion is faced towards the opponent with an intimidating roar.

This is the usual pose Golion does before finishing his enemies off, and the no-effect “default” Ju Ou Ken fits nicely when posing the toy this way.

voltronblazing3There is no name for Golion’s finisher attack in the American dub, but it’s called “Ju Ou Ken Inazuma Otoshii” (十王剣イナズマ落とし), “Hundred Beast Sword Dropping Lightning Flash”. That’s because he slashes downward with the sword spurning lightning, hence the “drop”. Use the sword with a hilt and blazing effect for this pose.

voltronblazing4Finally, Golion’s most iconic pose, as seen at the end of  the opening credits for both American and Japanese versions. This needs no further explanation.

Judging from these comparison pics, you can tell that it’s astounding the figure is able to at least do the poses to a certain degree of accuracy. This alone should be a deal-breaker.

As you can see, the figure is VERY versatile with a wide range of motion, almost with the same level of posability as a Revoltech toy. This figure even outshines (in my opinion) most of the ES Gokins of his size, in terms of posing variations/dynamics.

golion12This however is the best and sweetest gimmick the figure has to offer, and the sole reason why this toy review got delayed. Go behind Golion’s head, and remove the small red portion to reveal an area where you can insert two LR44 batteries. Tinker the  small switch below it and Golion’s eyes will glow. At first I thought the glowing eyes were just promotional Photoshop effects when the images were released months ago but I was gravely mistaken. So a tip for you guys out there, if there’s a manual, please do take the time to read it.

Golion isn’t the only SD figure to have light-up eyes. The first contemporary toy I have seen with this feature is the ES Gokin Getter-1. For comparison, I put the two toys together so you can see the degree of luminosity. Golion has a warmer, orange hue, while the Getter-1 has a brigher, yellow shine that is definitely not too-camera friendly. Luckily, their glowing eyes are still visible even under a light source, and make very good pictures.

20130718_185319    20130718_185248

So there you have it. Should you buy a Dream EX Gokin Golion? HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD. The question is where to buy one and how much is it? Well, I got mine for 3,500 PhP (roughly converted) from HKD, as mine was sourced from Hong Kong, thanx to our partner Tendou Toys. EBay has a few in stock, but it’s overpriced and ranges upwards of $130, and that alone excludes shipping and import duties/tariffs.

Your best bet is to call popular toy store Greattoys Online, place an order and see if its proprietor, my colleague Malvin Lim can secure one for you (he usually can and fulfills special orders). In my personal opinion, $130 is worth it, considering its rarity. There are rumors circulating online that Tong Meng EX is planning to release the Dairugger XV Voltron to compliment this toy, but I’m not holding my breath just yet. If it does happen, rest assured I’ll review it.

Now, enjoy Golion’s sole Super Robot Wars game appearance: 2007’s SRWW for the Nintendo DS.


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Our Hong Kong-based toy store partner Tendou Toys just spilled to us today that Good Smile Company is creating ANOTHER Iron Man Nendoroid, and it’s none other than the Iron Man Mk. 42 (XLII)!

This will be the 3rd Nendoroid in the Heroes Edition Series. The first was Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield’s film version) and the second was Iron Man Mk. 7.

Unlike the previous Iron Man Nendoroid, you can take off his helmet and pose it with Tony Stark’s full head exposed! Relive your Iron Man 3 moments with unlimited posing opportunities! The prototype image is already sending my imagination into overload!

UPDATE (AS OF JUNE 24th, 2013):

1005399_10152020701882576_1873437516_n     1044527_10152020701727576_1146460886_n

Japanese toy magscans have begun surfacing online with official images of the new Nendoroid Iron Man Mk 42, and it also comes with a HALL OF ARMOR SET. Hopefully someone uploads better scans so I can read the articles properly. However there is a small disclaimer: Iron Man’s eyes and Arc Reactor DOES NOT GLOW (sorry!), it’s just dramatic license.

I’ll be scouring online for updates such as pricing, release dates and confirmation of features. If ever the Hall of Armor is going to retail, I expect total #annihilation of our wallets.


Credits go to whomever uploaded scans of the hobby magazine.


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Labrys was introduced in the Persona 4 Arena fighting game resulting from a collaboration between Atlus and Arc System Works (known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue). In the game’s story line, this mechanical maiden is a 5th generation “anti-shadow suppression weapon”, making her Aigis’ older but technologically inferior sister. That bit of information is absolutely irrelevant if you are not familiar with Persona 4 Arena or the Persona 3 and 4 series in general. It would also baffle me if a non-fan actually reads on and finishes the entire review about the Labrys figure from Max Factory’s Figma line of toys. Click on the image thumbs for high resolution pictures, the site’s auto re-sizing makes them look wonky if I slap them onto this post as is.

P1010727 P1010736

While the toy’s box is of standard size, there is an abundance of accessories packed with the Labrys figure. This toy comes with three (3) facial expressions, one of which is her “shadow” inside the Midnight Channel (again, another useless refrence for non-fans). The most notable and exciting accessory of Labrys is of course her axe, just look at the size of it! Unlike Aigis, Labys actually has clothes (that really sounded awkward) and looking closer you’ll see that her metal parts (gloves, knee pads, headband, and weapon) are all inspired from medieval gear.

P1010795P1010797It was actually quite challenging to pose this figure with the axe because a lot of balancing is required to get a decent action pose out of it. The toy comes with second figure stand that really helps when you are unable to balance Labrys’ pose with the axe.

P1010798 P1010750The challenges of posing  this figure also ramps up when you factor in her “chain linked” arms. There are two types of chain link accessories, one is an actual metal chain and the other is a plastic chain which is used for poses which require the chain links to look tight. I actually spent quite some time making these poses and they’re not even half as good as what other toy reviewers made (thankfully this is not my bread and butter).

With this huge axe, your virginity will be well guarded.

With the chain accessories, the number of poses you can think of really ramps up so it will probably take a while before you actually get bored of this playing around with Labrys. Do be careful when posing the figure because I actually dropped it a few times already. Most of them was because I couldn’t balance the figure properly. These drops seem to have left a mark on my toy (sucks) but I’m not entirely sure if its a factory issue or not. It’s not that big of a deal though. I just shouldn’t stare at my toy too closely and regardless, it’s still a bloody good looking toy.

There is a great deal of vanity and action poses you make with this toy to make your display cases come alive so it’s a great buy if you’re into collecting toys but still doesn’t make much sense to me if you aren’t a fan of the game where the character was introduced. I mean, you’ve got to at least have some kind of emotional attachment to collect figures of fictional characters.

P1010783 P1010806 P1010839

This figure is a must have for fans of Persona 3, 4 and Persona 4 Arena. I’m actually liking this toy so much I’m considering getting the alternate color edition which may cost more than the P2,300 (less cash and membership discount) I paid for in Great Toys Online. While it does sound excessive, fans of the series like myself will get why it makes sense to buy another figure.

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As promised to our awesome reader who requested us to review this toy, here is dear KOSMOS! You, regular reader, can enjoy this too because you know, boobs.

Alter released this figure a few years back (January 2009) and had pretty much sold out in local and online toy stores days after. We were lucky to score one in Maxicollector (Rockwell branch) for PHP 5,000.  KOSMOS is a character from popular videogame series Xenosaga and this particular version is inspired from Xenosaga III.


This is the figure in its full 1/6 glory. Actually, this KOSMOS figure looks bigger compared to other 1/6 toys. I don’t know if it’s because Alter makes them this way or what, but this is one of the biggest PVC figures that we own in our collection.


Here is a shot of KOSMOS up close. The sculpt of this toy is outstanding as you can really see the amount of detail in the face, hair and body. The face captures KOSMOS’s art design perfectly as well as her… lovely lady bumps.


The swimsuit design matches KOSMOS’s costume in the games and covers her in a tasteful way. The gray, white, blue and yellow color scheme is a nice match to her pale skin and hair.


The blush / shading of the skin is phenomenal. Alter even gave her a pedicure, haha. The stand is just a transparent plastic octagon that I wish they improved on (maybe like sands on the beach design and texture).


One thing that you have to be careful about if you have this figure is the foot peg in the shoes. It can easily break if you are not careful. I mean yeah, it can be fixed with Super Glue but if you’re OC, you might not be able to live with yourself knowing that you broke KOSMOS.


The hair is translucent and the way they interpreted this in the figure is BOSS. You can see the movement of the hair and the way it falls down from her hands.


Top view of the figure. You can see how the hair was sculpted, and the odango hairstyle is a nice touch.


Side view of KOSMOS shows off her figure and the nice bow detail on her swimsuit.


If you are planning to display KOSMOS, I suggest to put her on a higher shelf or anywhere above your eye level. This picture shows her in eye level and as you may have noticed, her hair covers part of her face. Putting her on a shelf above your eye level will give you a nicer view of her face details.


Just to illustrate how tall this particular KOSMOS figure is. She’s a lot bigger than your average air freshener spray.

The Alter 1/6 KOSMOS swimsuit figure is a stunner and is definitely worth the space that it will occupy on your display cabinet. A second run is slated for release this month at about 8,360 JPY. Make sure you contact your favorite toy store to have this reserved; don’t miss it the second time around!

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TTKLSDOP_zpsad37d304It’s 4AM and my Note 2 kept buzzing. Annoyed, I grabbed the hunk of metal, ready to spout an insane amount of expletives to whomever that idiot was for waking me up at an unholy hour. It was my colleague Ryu, owner of toy shop Tendou Toys. He knows how ballistic I am when I go postal but decided to risk incurring my wrath to give me a sudden, special news. My head spun.

Thanks to HK-based company Kids Logic, Optimus Prime (or to us weeaboos, Convoy) is coming out as an SD action figure, and it seems like it would be made of plastic instead of die-cast metal! The prototype picture was released 6 hours ago (10 pm last night, June 5th). PLUS IT IS FULLY LICENSED BY HASBRO. Well what do you know!

Although it seems like it can’t be transformable, but taking a look at his chestpiece, it looks like it can be opened, say, to store the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. My ecstatic friend postulates that more Transformers may be coming, perhaps his arch-enemy Megatron? Who knows?


These are the Iron Men Earphone Pluggies with LED Arc Reactors and eyes, also by Kids Logic. I actually bought a set of  these. They also created the 4-piece Egg Attack Iron Men Set, which I also own.

Now you know why I’m very, VERY excited for the Optimus Prime. My elation is justifiable.


More information on pricing, release date and sexier pictures will come soon. I wrote this little piece at the spur of the moment, so I’ll let the blog do its thing and auto-publish this at a later time today. For now, I need to find a way to get back to sleep.

I’ll spare you for now, Ryu, but if you wake me up at this hour again I’ll deal with you like the happy sods during the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones.


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And I am back with another toy review! My first review of Good Smile Company’s Jack Frost Nendoroid received pretty encouraging feedback so I guess I can continue reviewing more of my toys. Thanks guys! Today, I will be reviewing Good Smile Company’s Dark Pit Figma, from the game New Light Mythology: Palutena’s Mirror / Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. Dark Pit is protagonist Pit’s doppelganger who is a wild card in the game as he both attacks Pit and Medusa’s minions without any obvious motives. A mysterious and dark character… I like him already. Anyway, let’s move on to the review!

As per every collector’s ritual, the unboxing.  Here is the box art:



Dark Pit also came with a bunch of AR cards for the game on its first press release. I am not sure if you can use this in the US version of the Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS game, but maybe I can have someone test it out!


Here are all the parts laid out:


We have here the assembled figure of Dark Pit, the AR cards, an arrow, extended sword handle, Pit’s staff, two swords, alternate growling face, 3 sets of hands, clear adjustable stand and the ziplock bag where you can keep all the parts if you want to throw out the box (because Good Smile is considerate).


As usual, the sculpt is well done; you can really see Dark Pit’s likeness from the game art. I also love that the joints are all functioning well as the main reason I bought this particular Figma is to pose him with aerial / flying action poses in mind. The wings also has its own joints so you can make it slightly flapped or extend it to its full length which is great.

Another good thing about this figure is the interesting design of the bow. They are actually two swords — you can take out the handles and use the long one to combine them. Very nifty!

The pose I chose for this review is the flying one (I just copied it off the box’s photo), but I made him hold the sword bow and the arrow. Maybe I should’ve changed the face to a growling one to make it look like he’s attacking.


For a figure that is hand painted, all the parts came out pretty well. I am satisfied with the paint job and the details, very well done.

There was one issue that I had with this Figma though. The front hair piece was falling off after I removed the plastic bit that protected the face from the hair (I guess to prevent the paint from smudging the face). I had to coat it with super glue to make it a bit chunkier and fit into the peg better. Not a big issue, but first time toy collectors might freak out about it since it was really loose and was falling off when the head is tilted. Also, the extended sword handle feels a bit brittle; make sure you insert it carefully to the slot of the hand when assembling the sword bow.

Like all Nintendo Figmas, Dark Pit is a must buy not only because of its character or game popularity, but because the sculpt and detail quality is top-notch. I was able to get Dark Pit in Greattoysonline for PHP 1,995, with a 5% discount on the original price. Get one if you still see it in stock; knowing the track record of these Nintendo Figmas, they go out fast and become ridiculously expensive after a few months.

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I’m not really into figure collecting (some of us here at 30lives are), but I’ve always wanted the Nintendo figures crafted by Figma. The thing is, they are only available in Japan and sourcing it from there makes a really neat black hole in your wallet — that is if you can even find one for sale.

One thing that might make it easier to for us to get one is the news that the Figma Varia Feature Samus,  Zero Suit Samus, Skyward Sword Link  are being reprinted for a US release this Fall.

No specific release date yet but you can already pre-order them from some online stores. Hopefully, we’ll seem them in local stores at more reasonable prices.

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10228105a3 10228105a2

Our Hong Kong-based partner Tendou Toys gave us details on the new Super-Deformed Gunpla (GUNdam PLAstic Model), Hi-Nu Gundam! Unlike the 3rd party Chinese version, this one is official from Bandai themselves, as they’re revitalizing their old line of BB Senshi kits. The 1st Gunpla to receive the “modern treatment” and rolled out in retail is the MSN-04 Sazabi, piloted by the Red Comet himself, Char Aznable, in the 1998 movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.


Hi-Nu Gundam is gonna have two “effect parts” to which you can attach 2 Fin Funnels and pose them as if he’s shooting them. You may also choose to give him eyes with or without pupils, a feature included since the release of SD kits from Gundam AGE. A display stand will also be included!


This lil’ guy is coming out this July for 1,280 Yen. We’re also crossing our fingers and hoping that they’ll also produce his rival-partner Nightingale (the spiritual successor of the Sazabi).

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Kamen Riders (Mask Riders) were immensely popular before I was even born and are at-par with other Japanese super hero Tokusatsu shows like Sentai (Power Rangers in the US), Metal Heroes (Shaider, Gavan) and even Ultraman. Now in the 21st century, Tokusatsu is stronger than ever, and 2013’s Kamen Rider Wizard is the 1st ever Kamen Rider to use magic in his arsenal. Although Wizard is found in many toy forms like keychains, Gashapon/capsule toys and even Figuarts, popular Japanese toy company Banpresto gives Wizard the SD (super deformed) treatment and releases him in the adorable Real Deform (R/D) line for Kamen Riders.


Here’s the catch: The R/D series of toys are typically not sold in retail, but rather as prizes for UFO Catcher/crane games in arcades all over Japan. Although very abundant upon release and may be bought in limited quantities at online merchants like Amazon Japan, stocks dwindle very fast due to their high collectible value, and after a while, they’re sold at exorbitant prices in Japanese auctions and online shops. Despite the insane prices, people still buy them. Even if you managed to grab ahold of these in other Asian countries (notably Hong Kong), their prices already are pre-emptively adjusted upwards to reflect their value.

wizarddisp    wizardacc

Although Wizard has many forms called “styles”, his default is the red “Flame Style”, hence all his attacks in this form are fire-based. The figure stands at 11cm, which is quite small, almost the same height as an ordinary SD Gundam model kit. Wizard comes with his Wizarswordgun and 2 different “Hand Authors” (the 2 hand-shaped thingies to the left of the figure, zoomed in on the pic to the right), along with 2 extra detachable hands for Wizard with different poses. The Hand Author serves as an activator for the Wizarswordgun’s finishing moves. By default it’s closed, but when Wizard opens the fist he “shakes his hand” with it to trigger either the Slash Strike if the weapon is in sword mode, or Shooting Strike if in gun mode.

Sadly the weapon in this figure doesn’t transform and is stuck in gun mode (booooo). So depending on how you plan to pose this lil’ guy, you either attach the closed Hand Author or the palm-open one. Also due to the Hand Author’s position, the Wizarswordgun is always on Wizard’s right hand, and the figure reflects this specifically (the extra right hand is designed to hold the weapon). Although in the TV show, Wizard can use 2 weapons in both hands, he performs his finishers always with his right hand weapon.

wizardbreak    wizardscreen

The R/D line is notable to boast 30 points of articulation. The joints are very mobile, with the hands and shoulder pads easily detachable with proper force. The only problem with this figure (like other Kamen Riders in the R/D line) is posing him to stand self-supported and perfectly still. Although if you do it properly he can stand on his own, but often times if the surface he’s standing on gets as much as a light nudge, he falls down. Other poses also require creativity to work. You may want him to be leaning against something to do his post-transformation pose for example (pic on the right). It’s so sad that the R/D line doesn’t come with supporting posing stands, but then again, it’s just a UFO Catcher/crane toy.

wizardshoot    wizardpose

So far, there is an extra pair of detachable hands for Wizard; the right hand is oriented to hold the Wizarswordgun, while the left hand is used to do Wizard’s trademark pose to show off his Wizard Rings. Hence, the only things that are removable in this toy are the hands… and the Hand Authors. You cannot change the rings, but then again they’re so insignificantly small and he’s in Flame Style anyway so his left hand will always have the red Flame Wizard Ring. They ought to release the other 3 styles already.


Aside from the figure’s uber dexterity, it’s very well-detailed. Rotating it 360 degrees, you can see that almost no stone is left unturned. Of course, the Wizard Rings on his left sling will not be too intricate, but you can give them credit for even coloring them, it basically says “hey, this yellow one is the Earth Wizard Ring, this blue is the Water one blah blah blah”. This high quality in design makes it a fitting “Mini-Me” of other Wizard toys. Usually SD (super deformed) toys leave out most of the details due to its small size, but here you can see the markings on his belt, shoulder pads and even the Wizarswordgun’s pipes and vents. They even go as far as differentiating the shapes of the sleeves so you can tell which side is anterior/exterior. This is impressive for such a small toy.


If you’re a toy collector and happen to be a fan of Kamen Riders, there’s no reason for you to skip this out. OK fine, there’s one: the other Kamen Riders released in the R/D line (Den-O, W, 000) are all extremely rare and expensive. In fact, when I got my R/D Kamen Rider W (the one to the right), it cost me 3,000 Yen and his motorcycle the Hard Boilder was even deadlier at 4,500 Yen. Then again, the cycle was a rarer accessory. W has other forms as well, and one auction in Yahoo Japan sells the complete set for 20,000 Yen. It’s too rich for my blood so I guess I’ll hunt them all over Japan one by one and get it cheaper if I can. As of this writing, Wizard is commercially available in the average price of 1,500-1,800 Yen (I got him for 1,500). Some auctions list him at 2,000-2,800 Yen so sellers are experienced and know that these toys get expensive fast in due time.

You can get R/D Kamen Riders easily if you buy them directly online in Japanese sites, although Ebay has a few at inflated prices. If you’re in the Philippines, be resourceful; ask local toy merchants to hunt for you. Perhaps if you’re going to Hong Kong you may find one or two dangling in a few shops around Mong Kok and Wan Chai. Get the wee Wizard now and add him to your collection, no matter what the cost. You’ll thank me for it. Saa, showtime da (well then, it’s showtime)!




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It is known among the staff that I’m a fan of Atlus (Fatlus Friend) specifically for their SRPGs and their RPGs. As a matter of fact, I gobble up anything with “Shin Megami Tensei” or “Persona” because I’m just wired that way. Today I will review the recently released Figma figure of Aigis from the Persona 4 Arena (P4U The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena if you want to be anal about the Japanese version) fighting game.

Figma is a Japanese brand of collectible toys which can be posed. Initially, their items are generally limited to Japanese pop-culture (anime and video games mostly) but in recent years have expanded to western pop culture releasing  figures of iconic characters and personalities such as Robocop and even Michael Jackson. Anyway, on with the Figma #161 – Aigis The Ultimate Version. I’m no photographer so bear with me with the pictures (they’ll get better with the next toy reviews, I promise). In the mean time, click on the pictures to view larger versions.

The packaging like any other Figma figure is pretty standard outside the Jack Frost seal (upper left corner) certifying that this is an officially licensed product by Atlus.

Aigis Ultimate 1

The back portion of the box shows various ways you can pose the figure.

Aigis 2

The figure comes with the following accessories: two (2) face types, one (1) visor, one (1) Gatling gun w/ muzzle fire, one (1) canon, one (1) missile launcher, five (5) pairs of hands (like most Figmas), the usual figure stand and a plastic pouch to keep all your accessories in.

Aigis 3

One of the things I really like about this version of Aigis is the proportions of the body and the facial features in general compared to the previous Aigis Figma. Below is a comparison of the two Aigis figures and I threw in Metis for the lulz. The Aigis ultimate version is obviously a much smaller figure but with Figmas and Revoltechs, you don’t really get to complain about their size because these are non-scale figures and highly detailed posable 6 inch+ figures are quite rare and expensive.

Aigis 10

There really isn’t much to be said about this figure if you’re not a fan of Persona 3 or P4 Arena but it’s a good piece to start with if you want to collect Aigis figures as it’s easily one of the cheapest and nicest looking figures out there. The fun part about collecting a toy series like Figmas, Revoltechs or even Nendroids is the fact that you can interchange parts and accessories to form all sorts of crazy combinations (if done properly would look nice, if not, would just be downright creepy) or have nice cross over toy displays.

I pre-ordered this figure from Great Toys Online and guess what? They actually announced a price drop on their figures because the peso is fairing better compared to the Yen lately. An alternate colored Aigis Ultimate version is also available from Great Toys Online though it might be more expensive as it’s a limited edition series.

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This is my very first toy review! Bear with me okay? Okay.

I am very new to toy collecting.  I only own a few pieces, if I can count them, maybe less than 20?  I owned a few rogue toys here and there, like the odd parts-swappable Pinky St. to a Taeyang limited edition Gyro.  My boyfriend however is a hardcore collector and buys toys fairly regularly. I guess this is why I got influenced (eventually) to start building my small and budding collection of plastic warriors and dolls.  I am most enthusiastic about Nendoroids and I believe this is where I am going to start first to break the ice!

Yes, that was a pun: This first toy review will focus on the lovable and quirky Jack Frost.  Just a bit of a backgrounder – Jack Frost is a recurring demon character from the Shin Megami Tensei series which eventually became the brand mascot of its game’s developer and publisher, Atlus.  He also had a stand-alone game, Jack Bros., where he was the protagonist.  He appears in other Atlus games such as Persona 4 Golden and Etrian Odyssey II (more of a cameo on this one – he is embroidered on the hat of a female gunner).  So I guess this review still doesn’t stray away much from games.  Anyways, the pictures!


Here’s the box!  Typical Nendoroid box with the character name and release number.  The box has some snowflake patterns to emphasize the character’s quality.


Top of the box.  Shows the figure’s headshot and release number.


Side of the box.  This is standard fare for Nendoroids.  There are a bunch of pictures that showcase the figure and how you can pose them.


The back of the box with more pose suggestions!


Here are the box’s contents!


As for his Nendoroid incarnation, Jack Frost does not really have a lot to offer if you compare him to the other releases.  He only comes with 3 different extra hands, 2 extra joints, a really weird stand, a blue translucent stone with a stand and the figure itself.


Here’s the manual to guide you on how to use the stand and other items.



On to assembly!  The stand works by removing his tail and screwing it back in to secure the part with the peg.  Then, you connect it to the transparent half crescent base.


Now that he has a stand, you can make pose him as if he was floating.  Here’s how it looks like at an angle.


You can pose him sitting down without problems, as long as he has his stand to keep him from falling down.


This is Jack’s accessory, a light blue translucent stone that serves as his projectile.  It’s kind of hard to use as an accessory because the stand is too tall :(


The body (and parts) are mostly white, so make sure your hands are clean before you try to change his parts or pose him.  You don’t want to leave a dirty thumbmark on a pristine toy!


Here’s me mimicking a pose suggestion from the box. Jack’s pondering on what that big black thing is.  (Clue: that will be my next review!)


Poseability-wise, well you can’t really do anything much.  The joints will give you a lot of limitations in creating poses.  Thankfully, he’s too cute so you can forgive him for lacking flexibility.

Over all, I do not recommend getting Jack if you are not an Atlus / Shin Megami Tensei fan.  He doesn’t come with a lot of accessories that make Nendoroids fun to play with.  The package’s limited hands and feet also make for less poseability.  However, the sculpt really captured his look and mischievous fanged smile, so I am happy with that.  The colors and the paint is, like always, superb.  Quality-wise, it is still pretty good.

Jack Frost Nendoroid 234 is available at GreatToys Online.  Original price is at about PHP 2,050, but you can get him now with 15% discount (Nendoroids are on sale!), and a further reduction of 2% if you are a GTO member.  Interested?  Better get to it; stocks are very limited.