Xbox One

Weakest release week ever! Boooo!

But I would suggest you get OlliOlli if nothing else (given you have a PS Vita).




Lucifer Ring (PSone Import/PSN)

OlliOlli (PS Vita/PSN)


Dead Rising 3 – Operation Broken Eagle (DLC)


Insurgency (PC/Steam)

Kickbeat Steam Edition (PC/Steam)

In the upcoming Kojima game/movie (lol) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there’s a female character shown in the E3 trailer wielding a rifle and a bra. We learned that the character is named “The Quiet” and will play an important role in the game.

Playing that character who will play an important role in the game is actress Stefanie Joosten. She will provide voice work and much of the motion capture for The Quiet. The embedded video shows how they converted the actress into a digital representation of herself as the character, as Mr. Kojima strokes his chin in satisfaction.