Card Hunter Makes me Forget my Hate for Browser Games

Card Hunter Makes me Forget my Hate for Browser Games

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Ok, I don’t really play browser based games but I finally tried out Card Hunter because of a friend’s constant nagging. I always run for cover when I hear the terms “free-to-play” and “browser-based” but Card Hunter surprised me and oh my God I’m still playing!

The game just launched this week and it’s been getting lots of attention. It’s a combination of the board game HeroQuest and the classic card game Dominion. Created by Irrational Games co-founder Jon Chey, it is the first game from his new studio called Blue Manchu.

Card Hunter looks really simple but playing through the introduction you will realize it is a deep strategic game that seamlessly combines fantasy table-top pen and paper RPGs with board game and collectible card game mechanics into a very well presented video game. Anyone who is even slightly fond of the genres should definitely try it out.

Card Hunter is funded by micro-transactions but playing for a couple of hours now I don’t see any indication that not buying anything will take any of the gameplay experience away… so far.

Head on over to the source link below to try it out!

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