Bastion on sale for 99c!

Bastion on sale for 99c!

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Award-winning action RPG Bastion is now on sale for only 99c (PHP 40-ish)!

For those who actually know the game, it’s important to stop reading now and download the iOS port immediately. For those sporting a curious look, Bastion was first published in 2011 for the Xbox. It then made its way through various ports, the last of which was the iOS in August 2012.

The game revolves around the narrated story of “the Kid” who is one of the few survivors of The Calamity that destroyed the land and turned everyone against each other. The kid’s goal is to power the eponymous Bastion to bring back harmony to his world.

Set in a floating, fantasy-themed environment, the Kid travels around, collecting Cores to recharge the Bastion. With award-winning visuals, soundtracks, gameplay, and narrative, this is a port worth spending a few bucks on (or less, for that matter).