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We like playing old games! And some old games deserve a fresh look. Hence the concept of LTTP Reviews. We play older games, and give you our thoughts. It’s that simple!

So let’s get this straight: the first two Ys games have been chopped up, ported, remade (or re-remade, in this case) more times than I’d care to count over its twenty-six years of existence. What has Chronicles going for it, then? Absolutely nothing, put bluntly. Chronicles won’t impress the uninitiated, quell the fears of people who’ve dabbled with and hated the series, nor give hardened vets  anything substantial to chew on. Taken at face value, however, it is a wonderful package: a well-done, portable remake of one of the first and greatest action-RPGs.

The plot remains the same: strapping young lad Adol Christin ventures forth in the land of Esteria to discover the books of Ys, containing the history of a vanished kingdom called Ys, which (spoilers!) he actually gets to explore in the second game. What makes Ys special is its brisk, simplistic, yet elegant combat model. Run into enemies, rinse and repeat: the “bump system” doesn’t get any simpler than that.182640-1-screenshot

Another thing that defines Ys is its wonderful soundtrack, composed by industry legend Yuzo Koshiro. As expected, Chronicles’ OST is nothing short of incredible. Falcom has thoughtfully included the option to play through the game with either the original PC-88 chiptunes, fully redone tracks from the 2001 Windows version this game is based on, or wonderfully arranged tracks exclusive to the PSP release.

The spritework in Ys is crisp, colorful, and—most importantly—faithful to the source material. I’m really impressed by the spritework—everyone from tiny NPCs down to the humongous bosses receives intricate details. The hand-painted backdrops look marvelous as well, and the faint polygonal and particle effects enhance rather than detract from the experience.

Again, I realize this series isn’t for everyone, and anyone who remotely enjoys Ys has already played one of the billion I&II ports out there. But hell, anything Ys-related is worth a look (or two) in my book. Thumbs up, kids.


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Seen on Facebook today:

Sony needs testers for the new PlayStation 4. You will get to keep the new PS4 after you’ve tested it. We will contact the winners through Facebook.
If you want to be a tester for the new PS4, you must share this photo and like our page. We will choose people at random in 1 week.

Going to go out on a limb here and say that this probably isn’t true.



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Being in the enthusiast press almost guarantees (dooms?) one to a life of cynicism and second-guessing. I’ve enjoyed the better part of the last seven years covering games, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wish I was doing this thing sometimes. Let me spell it out for you: being in the games press has all but destroyed my formerly-poignant ardor for electronic games. That being said, I’ve decided to tentatively turn a new leaf, so instead of the usual fingerpointing and arm-flapping, let me share a happy story of how I was completely wrong, and how videogames can be enjoyable without that extra layer of vitriol.

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We love it when Atlus reprints stuff. If you’ll remember, they reprinted Persona 2 in 2008 which literally sold out in five minutes.  The publisher has also reprinted Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga fairly recently, so this new batch of the 2006 PS2 RPG isn’t that big of a surprise. This isn’t the best Megaten spinoff out there, admittedly, but at least you’ll save a buncha bucks compared to what it was worth on auction sites just weeks ago.

Grab a copy hot n’ fresh at, though we suspect that most other online retailers will stock the game fairly soon. After all, who couldn’t resist a game that promotes devil summoning?

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