About Us

About Us

Welcome to 30lives, ostensibly the last bastion of sanity and reason on the Philippine Internet. The premise is simple: we are nerds that like to write about our nerdy obsessions (mostly video games), you are our intended audience, and this is the medium that we choose to deliver our message with. Stated with less pretense, this is a blog where nerds like you and I write about, and hopefully discuss, tech and video gaming topics old and new. It’s a big hug box, you see.

Our Goals

A “blog,” a web log. Yes, it’s been done before and done better; there are thousands of local blogs out there dealing with the same subject matter that we dabble with. What makes us special? Absolutely nothing. News spreads quickly in the unfiltered world of the Internet, and instead of choosing to keep up and regurgitate news from sources left and right, we choose to cover and discuss only topics that really matter. Sure, we may keep you abreast of what’s going on in the wonderful world of Nintendo eShop releases every now and then, but if you’re looking to see when the latest-colored thong strap DLC for Mass Effect 3 is going to drop, then this isn’t the joint for you.

Moreover, all of this blog’s contributors and staff have either seen what a vagina looks like, or actually possess one. Therefore, we will not enable our country’s disturbing trend of misogynistic click-baiting by way of highlighting so-called “gamer girls.” Unless they are really, really hot.

How you can be heard

Any site worth its salt needs to have a good, thriving community. This isn’t a one-way street, baby. Everyone’s free to post insightful (read: useful) comments, or critique anything that’s been written on this here site. Contributions are always welcome, simply contact us through one of the many social media outlets if you are interested.

What to Look Forward To

This is just the beginning. Or something. I’ve already felt like I’ve done enough self-fellating at this point, so I’ll end with this: we’re way excited to start serving y’all with quality content. Definitely drop us a line in that comment box right after this post (or any other post, for that matter) for constructive criticism and bonus fun times.